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Default Second Chance: Kaizen's Wrath

Before I begin, I want to mention a few things. This is not fan fiction of an anime. I have a really good friend who wrote a story and showed it to me. I loved her ideas and her characters but her writing style conflicted with me and she had trouble describing things. A couple days ago she gave me copies of the first three chapters and told me I could rewrite them in my own style and do whatever I wanted with them. As a result, I rewrote the first chapter, doubling the length of her version of it. I've also made a lot of changes to the original story. With her permission I'm writing a five chapter fan fiction version of her story, under the working title of Second Chance. So here is the first chapter of my version: Second Chance - Kaizen's Wrath! Enjoy and leave feedback if you can.


Chapter One – The Beginning

There were rumors that people existed in this world that could harness the power of the sacred elements. There were legends that spoke of men and women who had ability to harness fire, water, lightning, wind, and more, but no solid proof of their existence had ever been found. However, unknown to most of the public eye, these men and women do exist. Most element users never tap into their ability in the public and simply blend into everyday life with the normal people walking the streets. But there are always exceptions to this rule. There have been many cases where element users have used their powers for their own personal gain. The United Nations quickly eradicate all evidence of these corrupt element users’ existence and return society back to normal.

But not all element users fit into either category. There are some element users that are kept in secret facilities all over the world where the world’s top scientists are trying to find the source of the element manipulation. But there is also a single man who runs a school specially made for students who can control the elements. Everyone involved with this school is considered insane and the Japanese government is forced to deal with massive protests outside of the school on a near daily basis. One of the world’s most renowned facilities for the element users is the Asylum, which also doubles as a prison for the most psychotic people on the planet.

“Sorry Mavardo, we have to prep the boy for the visitation” the middle-aged doctor said, standing outside the door to The Asylum. “If you’d like I could take you for a tour of the rest of the facility.”

“Thanks for the offer Coron, I’m sure the place is great but you know why I’m here.” Mavardo replied, letting out an annoyed sigh. He was wearing a light grey suit with a bright red tie. He had short, black hair extending down to the top of his ears and thin light hazel eyes. He was around six feet tall, only a few inches taller than Coron. A loud, ear-piercing beeping sound came from inside The Asylum. Coron pressed against his ear and Mavardo could hear someone speaking to Coron from inside the facility.

“He’s ready.” Coron said and a large smile instantly appeared on Mavardo’s face. Mavardo snatched the file that was underneath Coron’s arm and opened it up, eagerly flipping the pages back and forth gathering as much information as he possibly could.

“Ren Taylor, 17 years old with brown hair, one eye is blue and the other green, so this kid has Heterochromia. Multiple group homes, foster parents, accident reports, this boy is exactly what I’m looking for!” Mavardo said with pure excitement in his voice.

“Damn it Mavardo you aren’t picking out a puppy! You’re talking about adopting a wild and reckless child with abilities that could match even yours! This kid is nothing but a killer, no matter where he goes tragedy, mayhem, and pure chaos is promised to follow!” Coron shouted. Mavardo closed the folder as the doors to the facility finally opened and two other doctors, wearing long trench coats welcomed Coron and Mavardo into the facility.

“You think I don’t know what this kid is capable of? My school is for children like this no matter how crazy the public thinks I am. Besides, if you read the report it says ‘Only survivor’ not ‘killer’. Coron you are a dear friend of mine but saying this child doesn’t have a hope means that you disapprove of my work.” Mavardo said with a dark tone in his voice, walking down the long, dark hallway of the facility. Mavardo could hear the banging and shouting of some of the other inmates. Coron led him to a large elevator door and called for the elevator to come to their floor.

“You know I don’t mean it like that, I just don’t want to be at your funeral because of this kid!” Coron shouted, slamming his right hand on the wall. The elevator doors opened moments later and Mavardo walked in calmly while Coron calmed himself down. Coron soon followed and pressed the button for the “F” floor, at the bottom of the long list of different numbers and letters. The further down the list a floor was the more dangerous and powerful the inmates were. They had initially entered on the A1 floor and were going more than 15 floors down to the bottom.

The elevator ride down was completely silence. Mavardo never took his eyes off the small panel above the buttons that indicated what floor the elevator was currently passing. Coron stood to his left, biting his left thumb anxiously. Finally the elevator slowed down to a complete stop and the metal doors slowly opened. There were only two rooms on the F floor, one clearly marked “Ren Taylor” and the other one was currently without a nameplate. Mavardo looked into the other room’s window to see the ruins of what used to be a room. What had happened in the room greatly interested Mavardo but not quite as much as acquiring Ren. Coron was still standing in the elevator, now with both fists clenched at his sides.

“We can still turn around while we have the chance. Once you open that door you are opening Pandora’s Box! He will destroy your school Mavardo, even if you are able to wipe its existence and everyone’s memory of it with that new spell you’re developing it won’t matter! Ren Taylor is a fire demon, he’s going to kill you damn it!” Coron shouted, slamming his foot down. Mavardo had his eyes locked on Ren’s door. Mavardo simply opened the door and slammed it shut behind him, leaving Coron completely shut off from the conversation about to take place inside.

The room was the basic size of a prison cell with walls a solid white and a camera perched in all four corners of the room. There was a desk, sink and urinal on the right side of the room. On the wall opposite was a small bed where the boy was currently laying, his eyes shut and arms under his head with his left leg propped up. There were a few newspaper clippings and a journal sitting open to a blank page on the ground. A broken pencil was beside the journal and there was a simple bed table, where Mavardo presumed the journal, pencil and newspaper clippings were originally. Ren’s was wearing a gown similar to a hospital gown with a bland, grey color. He was wearing pants that stopped two inches short of his ankles and the shirt appeared to be very tight. There was an ID tag around his neck with his name, cell number, and a barcode on it.

“So what was he yelling about out there?” Ren asked after a long moment of silence. Mavardo leaned against the white wall behind him and crossed his arms before speaking.

“I’ve come here to get you out.” Mavardo said plainly. Ren’s eyes immediately shot open and he sat up. Mavardo snapped his fingers and all four cameras instantly turned black and pointed towards the ground. A sharp chill went up Mavardo’s spine when he looked into Ren’s eyes. He couldn’t help but notice how magnificent and elegant they were, yet also fierce and threatening. The right eye was a soft deep blue and his left a bright, piercing green.

“Why?” Ren asked simply, turning his body to where he could easily face Mavardo. Ren placed both of his feet on the cold ground, sending a slight chill through his own body as well. Ren could not help but feel how powerful Mavardo was. With just the snap of his fingers this strange man was able to instantly deactivate four high powered, high security cameras.

“Well first off I don’t believe in locking up children.” Mavardo said calmly before moving from the wall over to Ren’s desk. He pulled out the chair from under the desk and sat down facing Ren. “My name is Tristam Mavardo and I own a school in Japan that helps children like you, who I liked to call ‘The Gifted’”. Ren unconsciously slid to the edge of his bed, already feeding off of every word that Mavardo was saying to him.

“My school is easy, you attend class to learn your basic academics and then do some training to learn how to control your element. We teach you how to fight with your element in case you have no other choice but we also teach you how to blend in with normal humans, such as these fine doctors, without you being locked up in a facility such as this one.
However, there is one problem.” Mavardo said, noticing a twinkle in both of Ren’s eyes.

“Wait, did you say element? Are you saying that there are others like me out there?” Ren said with the shock evident in his voice.

“Of course, I believe we have around 140 students enrolled at the present moment. It may not matter for much longer though if my school gets shut down by the United Nations. You see Ren, the world doesn’t want to believe that people like you exist and they believe that every student at my school is mentally ill, myself included. Luckily for me though I am a very influential person and if things continue to go my way, most of the world won’t even remember that my school exists! While I was finalizing the little details of that deal I decided that I was going to pick you up, however there is one more problem with getting you out of this dump but this one has a much easier solution. The United Nations believes that you are a threat to humanity at the present moment so in order for you to get into my school I have to adopt you.” Mavardo explained.

“So you’re asking me if I’m OK with that.” Ren said.

“Only out of respect, if you honestly like it here I can leave you and find someone else.” Mavardo said with a sly expression.

“You don’t even have to ask, I’ll do anything to get out of here.” Ren says in a strained, yet happy tone.

“Excellent, the papers are all set to be filled. Grab your things and we’ll get moving.” Mavardo said, snapping his fingers once more, springing the cameras back to life. Ren quickly jumps to his feet and opens the single drawer from his bedside table. He pulls out a single schoolbag and throws his journal and newspaper clippings into the bag and follows Mavardo out of the room. Ren walks behind Mavardo and pulls out a black blindfold and ties it around his head. Ren walks into the elevator ahead of Mavardo, who locks eyes with Coron once more. Without noticing the blindfold on Ren’s head Mavardo pushes the button for the A1 floor.

Once again the entire elevator ride is completely silent. Ren fidgets around a little, stretching a little while doing so. The elevator doors open once more and the first floor is much busier than before. Patients, nurses, and doctors are rushing around doing their daily tasks. A couple of nurses stop and notice that Ren is walking alongside Mavardo and Coron. Ren is able to hear some of their conversations, with the other people speaking just loud enough for Ren to hear.

“I can’t believe they are letting him go!”

“That man is going to die if he takes that child home.”

“He should have been sentence to death after what he did.”

Mavardo looked at the nurses, who immediately stopped talking and spread out. Ren felt against the wall until finally he felt a cold, metal bar. A guy around Ren’s age stood up and walked up to the bar placing his hand on Ren’s. Mavardo raised a single eyebrow and looked at the name on the ID card, which read Sirus. Sirus was Ren’s only ally during his stay at the facility. During the days when Ren and Sirus both had free days they would spend it in the greenhouse where Sirus would guide Ren, the blindfold prohibiting him from seeing any of the plant life.

“Good luck out there,” Sirus said with a calm tone, “I’ll see you on the outside someday.”

“Yeah, see you on the outside.” Ren said, flashing a smile at his friend. They exchanged their secret handshake and Ren turned to face Mavardo, who finally noticed the blindfold covering up Ren’s eyes.

“What the hell are you wearing on your face?” Mavardo asked.

“It’s the blindfold they make me wear outside of my cell; apparently my eyes are somehow connected to my power.” Ren replied. Mavardo gently clenched his fists and shot a dirty look at Coron, who instantly avoided Mavardo’s eye contact.

“That’ll be the first thing that we trash when we get out of here, along with those hideous clothes.” Mavardo said, once again walking towards the door with Ren and Coron.

The moment the three of them walked out of the building Ren stopped, feeling the wind blowing through his hair and the sun bearing down on his body. It was hot and stuffy but after being trapped inside the building for so long it felt great. Ren wanted to jump into the air, when suddenly he felt Mavardo grab the back of his head. Mavardo untied the blindfold and threw them away. Ren’s eyes immediately burned from the shear brightness of the sun. He rubbed his eyes and within moments they had completely adjusted.

Before either Mavardo or Ren could say a word they were suddenly surrounded by a group of men wearing black bullet proof vests. They had black masks that hid their identities as well as large military issued machine guns and hand guns pointed directly at both Mavardo and Ren. Mavardo noticed the logo of the United Nations on the sleeves of the vests. Mavardo turned around made direct eye contact with Coron, who was also pointing a gun directly at Ren.

“I’m sorry Mavardo but I couldn’t just let you take my most dangerous prisoner without informing the United Nations.” Coron said, preparing to pull the trigger. In an instant Mavardo was standing beside Coron with Coron’s gun in his hand. Coron’s eyes grew wide and before he had time to react he collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

“You think I didn’t know what you were planning, Coron?” Mavardo muttered to himself before dropping the gun to the ground. The United Nations soldiers looked on in awe as Ren clenched his fists and grinded his teeth. He opened up his left hand a small fireball began to form. Before he could increase the size of the fireball a loud bang was heard and all of the soldiers fell to the ground. Ren looked for the source of the bang and suddenly a black SUV sped up to the building. The door opens up and the driver reveals himself To Ren. He is a man with light grey eyes and blonde hair. He had a scar under his right eye that extended down to his chin. He was wearing a typical black suit and white tie.

“Hi I’m Lucius. I’m the vice president and a teacher at Mavardo’s school.” He said, happily extending his hand. Ren shook it and then looked at Mavardo with a questioning look.

“Look in the backseat and you should find a change of clothes and a bento. Hurry up and change otherwise we’ll miss our flight.” Mavardo said, clapping Ren on the back and nodding at Lucius before getting in the passenger’s seat. Ren quickly threw his prison clothes and slid on a maroon shirt. It was skin tight with no sleeves and a turtle neck. He put on a pair of baggy black paints and tucks them into black steel-toed boots. He slid on a black, short sleeve jacket and quickly fastened up all of the buttons before jumping into the backseat and opening up his bento. Lucius returned to the driver’s seat and quickly sped off towards the airport.

“Where are we going again?” Ren asked in between giant bites of rice and chicken.

“Japan.” Mavardo replied.

“That looks really good on you,” Lucius said looking into the rearview mirror, “I’m glad it fits, though the shirt looks a little tight, I was worried I’d pick all the wrong sizes.”

“Uh, thanks.” Ren said, trying to focus on eating his first proper meal in years. “Wait a second, did you say Japan?” he said, acting completely stunned once more.

“I did tell you that the school was in Japan right? Oh, well in case I didn’t, the school is in Japan.” Mavardo said with a sarcastic smile.

“Oh, sorry, I guess I was more focused on the getting out part.” Ren said, finishing off his bento and looking out the window. The landscape around them was nothing more than dirt and rock but he was able to see a giant plane land at an airport in the distance. After years of being forced to stay in an underground facility with false sunlight and a false environment Ren had finally returned to the real world.


“Kiri-chan!” a short, blonde kid exclaimed at a girl, waving frantically.

“Good morning Caden,” the girl replied softly. The boy in front of her was very short with light blue eyes. He had hair past his ears with the sides curling up into his face as if his face was being cradled. He was wearing an orange backpack that he had decorated himself, a white jackwith a blue strip down his its sleeves and green cargo shorts. He was wearing sneakers that matched his blue and white jacket. His arms, from his hands to his elbow were bandaged up tightly and his fingers were barely visible. He was hanging off the arm of another student, Raiden Ishida, who was also known as the smartest kid in the school. Raiden was a lightning user and was known for his calm and collected attitude. He was very whimsical and barely showed excitement for anything. He was wearing his usual white and black jacket with a pair of black jeans. He had short black hair and thick rimmed black glasses. He had sharp green eyes and a blank with face with no outstanding features.

Kirina had long wavy brown hair that reached the center of her back. It was pulled up on the left side, which put emphasis on her big brown doe eyes, known for capturing the hearts of the many of the guys in the school. She had pale skin comparable to that of a porcelain doll. She was wearing her normal outfit consisting of a dress with jeans or leggings underneath to go along with her favorite brown sandals.

“Good morning Rai,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Mornin’ Kiri, heading for the garden?” he asked in response.

“Yup, you two want to join me?” Kirina asked, the smile not fading from her beautiful face.

“Of course,” Caden shouted, jumping up and down in place. Kirina couldn’t help but smile and Raiden looked down at Caden with an almost blank expression on his face.

“Wait up,” a deep, rough voice called from behind the group. All three of them turned around to see another boy, who stood taller than all of them. He had the reputation of being the strongest in the school. He had short brown hair and dark brown eyes, his arms were heavily scarred from all of his fights and his hands were rough with calluses. Caden immediately squealed and jumped in for a hug. The boy quickly let Caden down and pulled down his tightly fitting black and shirt and stuffed his hands in his jean pockets.

“Oh, Aiten, is Mai with you?” Kirina asked, taking a look around the area.

“Afraid not, I haven’t seen her at all this morning.” Aiten replied.

“Isn’t that her peering over the gate?” Raiden said after a moment, pointing his thin fingers at a girl looking over the gate, completely immersed in what was going on outside. After a moment she lost her grip and fell back to the ground. She brushed her black hair out of her green eyes before jumping back up to peer over the gate, her eyes locked on the black SUV that had just pulled up to the school. She ran her fingers through her orange striped bangs, and quickly ducks down as Mavardo and Lucius emerged from the vehicle.

“What are you doing Mai?” Caden called out from the group, a curious look on his face. Mai silently called all four of them over to her. She nods silently towards the top of the gate and all five students peered out over the gate, with Caden struggling to reach the top until Raiden casually lifted him up. Ren stepped out of the car and looked up at the building. It was two stories tall with tons of windows that had a modern gothic style to them. He looked around and saw a soccer field and a baseball field. He looked in the opposite direction and noticed the gate with two paths, one that led to what appeared to be a garden and another path that led to the courtyard. Ren notices Mai, Caden, Raiden, Kirina, and Aiten looking over the gate and raises his eyebrow. He slightly turns his head towards Mavardo, not losing sight of the spies.

“Am I seeing things or are there five people spying on me?” Ren asked, getting Mavardo’s attention. Mavardo looked over at the group and locked eyes with Mai; she instantly dropped to the ground, quickly dragging the other down with her.

“Shit, they noticed us.” Mai hissed under her breath.

“Children, come on over here and meet your new classmate!” Mavardo called out from the other side of the gate, which instantly opened. Ren instantly felt nervous as the group approached him. Besides Sirus it had been years since he had encountered anyone close to his age.

“Hi, I’m Mai,” she said, extending her hand, “Caden is the short, hyperactive, cute one. Raiden is the silent one, Aiten is the emo one, and Kirina is the nice one. We make up the S class.” Ren cautiously shook her hand, instantly insulting Mai. Ren opened his mouth to speak but he looked over at Mavardo, who met his look with a smile.

“You can keep your last name,” Mavardo said.

“R-Ren Taylor, I’m new.” Ren replied, looking down at the ground.

“This is the class that I teach,” Mavardo said, preventing the awkward silence that was incoming from Ren’s apparent shyness. “They are part of the S class, which is a class of students that exceed the standards that are set for everyone. I’m sure you’ll all get to know each other well, eventually.”

“The classes are S, A, B, C, D, E, and F. You’ll be starting in F class, which is basically the class for people who aren’t skilled at all.” Aiten said with an unfriendly tone.

“Go ahead and explore the campus, I have a very important matter to attend to. Dinner is at five in my office, don’t be late.” Mavardo said as Ren wandered off aimlessly, walking past the group of S class students.

“Aiten, I’d like to speak with you in private, concerning a man who recently visited you.” Mavardo said, “But that can wait for later. The moment that the six of us have been planning for the past three months is finally upon us!” he continued gleefully. Raiden’s eyes grew wide and his entire expression changed, along with his tone.

“You mean that-“ he began, but Mavardo put his finger to Raiden’s lips.

“Hush, I don’t want him to overhear you.” Mavardo said.

“That guy reminds me of someone,” Kirina suddenly said with curiosity leaking from her voice. She tilted her head to the side and puffed out her cheeks as if she was searching for a long lost memory. “Oh well, I can’t remember. Hey Ren, wait up!” she continued before running off after Ren, who was now walking towards the garden.

“I don’t like him,” Mai and Aiten said in unison. Caden jumped up and down briefly before grabbing Raiden’s arm. Raiden looked at Caden for a brief moment, knowing that Caden wanted to follow Kirina after Ren. Raiden looked over to finish his conversation with Mavardo, but he was no longer in sight. Raiden sighed, returning to his normal, generic stare. He gave in to Caden’s begging and the two of them began to walk after Kirina. Aiten clenches his fists and walks with Mai in the same direction, walking considerably slower than the rest of the group.

Ren reached the Iron Gate that led into the garden. It was showing some severe erosion from standing in the same spot for so long. It looked old fashioned and reminded Ren of a gate that would be found in a storybook, one that would lead to a secret world. There was a sign beside the entrance which had the word “EDEN” written in kanji along with a set of times. Ren presumed the times indicated when students were able to go inside. Ren opened up the gate and walked inside, his eyes instantly filled with pure beauty.

There were many different types of trees and vines hanging from the top of fences or any solid mass that the vines could be wrapped around. Most of the room was a luscious green with hundreds of flowers that were all the colors of the rainbow. There were other students sitting around a large fountain that sat in the middle of the room, or on some of the benches that lined the path all around the area. There were even some students sitting on the stunningly bright green grass. Most of the students in the area were coupled off and all of them instantly locked their eyes on Ren, realizing that a new student had just arrived. Some of them gave Ren aggressive expressions; some looked pleased to see him.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Kirina said, walking up beside Ren with her hands behind her back. Ren immediately felt nervous once more, still uncomfortable with the other students, particularly Kirina, almost like he had met her before.

“Y-yeah, much better than the artificial greenhouse,” Ren said, gently lifting his finger to touch a nearby cherry blossom tree. Kirina looked shocked at what Ren said, the idea of an artificial greenhouse obviously confusing and baffling her. Ren walked over to a rose bush and picked off a bright red rose off of the top. He instantly flinched as a thorn dug into his finger, drawing blood. Ren put his finger to his mouth before wiping the blood on his pants. The rose was almost perfect, untouched by bugs or humans. The garden in general looked like it was properly cared for, not a single plant was out of place or in poor condition.

Ren paused to think for a moment before lighting the rose on fire, instantly reducing it to ash. Kirina gasped as Ren dumped the ashes on the ground. She took a few steps back from him, the horror evident on her face.

“What was that for?” she exclaimed.

“I was done with it; it was nothing more than a flower.” Ren said, looking at the ground with no emotion in his voice. Ren walked away, leaving Kirina stunned, with tears forming on her face. Caden, Raiden, Mai, and Aiten entered as Ren left. Aiten instantly noticed the expression on Kirina’s face and instantly turned to look at Ren, who was walking at a sluggish pace. He clenched his fists and prepared to confront him until Raiden placed his hand on Aiten’s shoulder and shook his head.

“You know better than that Aiten, this boy is important to changing the world.” Raiden said.
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Default Chapter 2 of 5 (Part 1 of 2)

Chapter Two: Kaizen

Mavardo’s school was three stories high and was shaped like a giant C. There was a giant metal gate that wrapped around the school grounds. Most of the students were staying in the dorms, located on the third floor of the main building. The females, teachers and students alike, lived on the left side of the floor with the males living on the right. At the very center of the floor was Mavardo’s personal suite, almost like a small house that had been built into the school. He had two rooms, a study, a small kitchen, a dining room, and a den. Mavardo led Ren into a side room that was roughly three times the size of his cell at The Asylum. The room was painted in a rich dark red with the furniture matching the hard wooden floors.

Ren sat down on the bed and looked around his new room. The bed had three pillows and a thick comforter. He had been given his own desk with a laptop resting in the center of it. The pencil case on the desk was filled with different writing instruments. There were multiple large textbooks in a small cupboard attached to the desk. There was a large oak bookcase to the right of the desk, filled with dictionaries and other resource materials. Ren’s mouth dropped as he continued to look around his room. Mavardo noticed his astonishment and donned a sly smile.

“Better than your cell, right?” he asked as Ren wandered around the room, stopping at the bookcase for a significant amount of time, too astonished to give Mavardo a proper reply. Ren reached a door near the end of his bed. He opened it to reveal a grand bathroom filled with enough supplies to last Ren the rest of his school life.

“I’ve already gotten your uniforms and some casual clothes in your closet, come here for a moment.” Mavardo said, calling Ren from the wall opposite from the bathroom. Ren closed the bathroom door and walked over to Mavardo, who had already pulled out one of Ren’s uniforms. The uniforms consisted of standard black plants, a button up white shirt, and a black jacket. There was a purple band on the right sleeve of the jacket, which Mavardo placed his finger on, causing Ren’s eyes to dart to it.

“This band represents the color of your class, F class is purple. You’ll be able to identify everyone’s class by the color on their sleeve. I could explain everything to you out loud but all the information you need will be in that handbook in your desk. There is plenty of time before dinner so you can read up, take a shower, or just relax. I’ll call you when it’s ready.” Mavardo said with a smile before walking out of the room, slowly closing the door behind him. Mavardo stood outside the door for moment, his hand firmly gripping the handle. His expression had changed from a smile to a stern frown, Mavardo walked to another part of his suite, the room at the very back, his personal office.

Mavardo’s office was considered to be the standard office for a school principal. There was a large oak desk at the center of the room with a brown leather chair behind it. The desk was covered with materials related to the school, faculty, and students. There were two chairs on the opposite side of the desk for visitors to sit in. There was a giant window at the back wall, which overlooked the courtyard of the school. The left and right walls were lined with paintings and bookcases, which covered the history of the school as well as all of the material that was expected to be taught. Aiten was sitting in one of the chairs opposite of Mavardo’s desk as he entered the room.

“You said you needed to speak with me,” Aiten said, noticing the slight look of surprise on Mavardo’s face. Mavardo placed his left hand up to his mouth and uttered a fake cough before slowly walking over to his desk and sitting down in his leather chair.

“Yes I did, however I didn’t think you would be so eager to speak with me.” Mavardo replied, locking eyes with Aiten, who gave him a cold, blank expression.

“I have nothing to hide, sir.” Aiten said, crossing his legs, “I will answer any questions you have honestly and truthfully.”

“Cut the bullshit Aiten,” Mavardo said suddenly, causing Aiten’s eyes to widen suddenly. He wasn’t used to be talked to so disrespectfully from his teacher, “I know that Kaizen came to visit you while I was picking up Ren. I also know that the only reason he came to visit was to try and convince you to kill me. As of right now I don’t know if he succeeded in convincing you of anything, after all you haven’t tried anything yet. But I want you to know this Aiten, you try and lay a single finger on Ren and I’ll kill you without a second thought.” He continued, not breaking eye contact with Aiten the entire time.

“Why are you so protective of that damn brat? He’s nothing special at all. I can tell just from looking at him that he barely has any control over his element!” Aiten shouted, slamming his fists on Mavardo’s desk.

“Don’t talk like you don’t know the reason I picked him out, Aiten. He’s the key to what we’ve been planning the past year. With his power we will be able to create the force field over the school that will forever wipe our existence from this world. The United Nations and the rest of the world will forget that this school exists and only students and teachers will be able to come here. That also means that your father won’t be able to come visit whenever he wants to.” Mavardo continued, staring into Aiten’s uneasy eyes, “Now I want you to tell me everything that he said to you.”

“With all due respect, you can kiss my ass.” Aiten said, suddenly standing up, clenching his fists, “You aren’t the man that I respected when I entered this school! You aren’t the same legendary Mavardo, the direct descendent of the original element sage, Hareluya! You’re just some pitiful creature that’s scared of taking this world back to those who deserve it!”

“Is that so, Aiten? Well now it’s clear to me what Kaizen said to you.” Mavardo said, calmly leaning back in his chair, “Not many people know that Hareluya is my great grandfather, kudos to your father for being able to figure that out. But I’m afraid I can’t let you leave this office with that information in mind.”

“Kiss my ass old man!” Aiten said, clapping his two hands together. Suddenly a giant wave of wind formed around him, sending papers and books flying over the office. Mavardo remained in his chair, the wind blowing his hair all over his face, “You aren’t the only one who’s capable of using more than one element!”

Before Aiten could make another movement Mavardo’s office door flung open and Aiten was surrounded by Mai, Kirina, Raiden, Caden, and Lucius, all of them ready to protect Mavardo from Aiten’s attack.

“Stand down, Aiten.” Mai said coldly, her right index finger pointed directly at Aiten’s heart, “I have no idea what the hell is wrong with you but clearly you need to blow off some steam. Save it for tomorrow why don’t you?” Aiten’s hands slowly moved back to his sides and the wind quickly faded away, with books and papers falling down to the floor. Aiten turned his back to Mavardo and his classmates. He locked eyes with Lucious for a brief moment before walking out of the office and moments later out of Mavardo’s suite.

Ren was sitting on his bed, slowly flipping through the school handbook with music blasting in his ears, completely unaware of the altercation directly outside of his room. Ren was still overwhelmed at the room Mavardo had given him. He couldn’t help but think to himself that the room was by far one of the nicest that he had ever seen, let alone lived in. He quickly read the information about the teachers and Mavardo. He completely skipped the section about the rules and regulations of the school and read the explanation of how the classes worked.

“All classes are based upon skill level,” he read aloud, “To reach the next class each student is required to complete an exam that is given twice a year and receive a score high enough to warrant a promotion. The test is split into three different sections: element control, academics, and pure fighting skill. The element control portion of the test is based upon how accurate the element is used in a situation given. The academics are based on math, science, language, Japanese, survival, and history. Finally, the fighting skill portion is based on a one on one match that can pit students from any class against each other. A student who is defeated in battle is still eligible for promotion depending on the judgment from Mavardo and Lucius on how they performed during the fight.”

Ren turned the page once more, which contained a list of dates that the exam was going to be given on for the next four years. Ren noticed that the next exam was going to take place in exactly a week. He gulped slightly and closed the handbook, setting it down on his bed. He was only going to have a week to train himself on how to fight properly, as well as how to control his element better. Not to mention the massive amount of study materials he was going to be given for the academic portion of the exam. Ren placed his head in his hands and rubbed his face for a moment before slamming his hands down on his knees with a smile on his face. He was going to bust his ass over the next week to ace the exam and get promoted to S class. Suddenly Ren’s stomach growled, and Ren placed his hands over it, realizing how hungry he was. Instead of waiting for Mavardo to call for him, Ren got up and opened his door just as Lucius and the rest of S class were leaving the suite. Kirina looked at Ren, smiled and waved, causing Ren to blush slightly before waving back. Lucius nodded at him and closed the door behind him. Ren looked over at Mavardo’s office, noticing all of the books and papers on the floor.

“What happened in there?” Ren asked Mavardo, who was standing in the kitchen preparing dinner. Mavardo turned around to face Ren with a smile on his face.

“I was just taking care of a little business. Now let’s eat! Your big first day is tomorrow!” Mavardo said, treating Ren like a child on purpose. He sat down the massive plates of food down in front of Ren and smiled as Ren dug into the food. “However there is one thing I want to mention before you get too comfortable.”

“What is it?” Ren asked in between massive bites of food.

“Don’t cause any trouble on your first day tomorrow; I don’t want you sent up here unless you’ve forgotten a textbook or something.” He said with a smile before his facial expression changed to a stern look of concern.

“Also, do not interact with S class at all.”

“Not even Kirina?” Ren asked.

“Do not approach any of them unless they approach you. There are the elite students at this school and they are respected by every student and teacher in the school. But Aiten in particular seems to have something against you, so avoid him at all costs.”

“Alright,” Ren said without another thought. He changed his focus back to the food in front of him. Mavardo smiled slightly and slowly began to eat his dinner. His mind kept wandering back to Aiten’s use of the wind element. Mavardo knew that Aiten had been able to use the water element since his birth, a trait he inherited from Kaizen, his father. Aiten’s sudden use of the wind element was concerning, however Mavardo had to focus on getting Ren to harness his fire element before the exam.


Ren woke up earlier than usual the next morning. He showered and brushed his teeth before putting on his uniform for the first time. Unlike the clothes that Lucius had given him outside of The Asylum these clothes were an absolute perfect fit with nothing being snug or tight. Ren emerged from his room and noticed that Mavardo was nowhere to be found. Ren fixed himself a couple pieces of toast and noticed a piece of paper Mavardo had left him, which detailed his daily schedule. Ren looked at the time and noticed he only had five minutes left to get to his first class. He quickly jumped to his feet, grabbed his school bag from off of his bed and ran out the door. He almost immediately bumped into someone and fell onto his back, sending his school supplies all over the floor.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” Ren explained as he tried to shove all of his supplies back into his bag. The person chuckled and Ren looked up to see an elderly man, most likely in his 50s. He had grey hair with a military style haircut with a grey mustache that extended slightly below his bottom lip. He was wearing a blue jacket with a white undershirt and black pants. Ren was unable to recognize his face from the handbook. Ren figured that he was a parent of one of the other students. Ren got to his feet and dusted himself off and noticed a United Nations logo on the old man’s undershirt.

“United Nations? What are you doing here?” Ren asked as he slipped his bag back on.

“I don’t believe that’s any of your concern, F class. Just watch where you’re going, some people might not take getting ran into as good as I did. Consider yourself lucky.” The old man said before walking past Ren and towards the male dorms. Ren watched him for a moment before the bell rang, signaling that Ren was officially late for class.

He quickly ran towards the stairs and down to the second floor for his first class. He burst through the door, panting and out of breath and also getting the attention of every other student in the room. Ren noticed a mixture of arm bands but for the most part Ren was with a class full of F class students like him. Ren also noticed that none of the S-class students were in this class. The teacher motioned for Ren to come stand beside her.

“Class, we have a new student today,” the teacher said. She was a thick older woman that Ren recognized as Mrs. Faust. Her husband was the school’s doctor and according to the handbook she was a laid back teacher that originally worked with disabled kids. Ren tried to not go into a sneezing fit from the massive amount of perfume that was coming off of her as she wrote Ren’s name on the board in chalk. She was also wearing a significant amount of makeup that ironically put more emphasis on her age more than anything. Ren simply put his hands in his pocket and she finished writing his name on the board. Ren cringed instantly, noticing that she had written ‘Ren Mavardo’. Without thinking at all Ren grabbed the chalk from her hand and crossed out Mavardo, writing Taylor underneath it.

“Sorry, but my name is Ren Taylor.” He said, noticing the shocked and appalled look on her face. She pointed her chunky finger at an empty desk in the back of the room. Ren shrugged his shoulders and started to walk to the back, noticing the uneasy looks he was getting from some of the other students in the classroom. However, Ren noticed a small kid in the front row near the door that was writing down notes in a yellow notepad. He was wearing a large grey hat and had a bunch of pencils sticking out from it to go along with his standard uniform. Ren noticed that he had a yellow armband on his sleeve; however Ren was unsure as to what class that was since he skipped the section that color coded all of the classes.

“Mavardo, Ren Mavardo, this will make a great headline!” he said with a snicker, pushing up the round glasses on his face. Mrs. Faust let out a loud sigh, getting the attention of most of the students in the class. Ren sat down and noticed there were a few F class students that clearly had no interest in the academics nor passing the exam that was taking place the next week.

“Please take out your blue textbooks and read pages 90 to 190 and do every question that you see. You have two hours. Complete what you can and hope for the best.” Mrs. Faust said before sitting down at the chair behind her desk. Ren’s mouth dropped; unsure as to if this was a practical joke. Ren looked around the classroom and noticed other students already flipping through the book to begin the assignment.

“Well that’s really encouraging,” he muttered to himself as he pulled the blue textbook from his bag. It was by far the largest textbook of them all, containing over one thousand pages of content. Ren placed the book on his desk and opened it up to page 90. Ren’s heart sank as he realized that this part of the book was dedicated purely to math, “This is gonna be a long class.”

Two hours passed quickly and Ren woke up to the ear piercing sound of the dismissal bell ringing. The other students in the class quickly packed up their books and supplies and began leaving the classroom. Ren slowly threw the blue textbook, now covered in drool, into his bag. He slowly threw on the bag and walked out of the room, noticing Mrs. Faust slowly shaking her head at him. Ren followed a crowd of students down to the first floor, where the cafeteria was located. Ren walked past a janitor’s closet and heard someone whispering his name. Suddenly a hand reached out and dragged him in. Ren panicked and formed a small flame in his hand noticed the smiling face of Mavardo looking back at him.

“Hello dear son,” he said with a snicker.

“M-Mavardo, why are we in a closet?” Ren exclaimed. Mavardo placed his finger on Ren’s flame and extinguished it as he flipped on the light switch, blinding Ren for a brief moment.

“I forgot to give you your ID tag, keep it around your neck otherwise you won’t be able to get any food in the cafeteria. How was your cram class?” he asked.

“So that’s what it was. Yeah it was pretty cool I guess.” Ren lied. “Though you didn’t answer my question though, why are we in a closet?”

“My look at the time, better get going.” Mavardo said before he placed Ren’s ID tag in his hand. Mavardo then grabbed Ren by the shoulders and pushed him out of the closet, almost sending Ren crashing to the floor. Ren regained his balance and luckily noticed there wasn’t another student who noticed him emerging from the closet. Ren pushed the doors open to the cafeteria and instantly realized something was wrong. Everyone was watching him; some were staring at him, while others were glaring.

“Read all about new student Ren Mavardo, the principal’s new favorite! Is he receiving special treatment?” a loud voice shouted from across the room. Ren noticed to it was the kid from the cram class with the round glasses and large hat. There was a taller girl standing beside him with a sign that read ‘Journalism Club’. Ren walked towards the cafeteria line, ignoring them but was still greeted with looks of hate and jealousy.

After going through the lunch line Ren took a plate that consisted of an apple, water, and a lump of goo that was supposed to be lasagna. He looked around for an empty table and found one in the corner of the cafeteria. The other students followed his every movement as he walked towards the table. Suddenly a kid with a green armband with a ‘C’ imprinted on it with a pencil stood in front of him. Ren looked up meet his black beady eyes. He had a large amount of piercings all over his face, dark skin, and an overall ugly looking face.

“So how many grades are you going to skip because of your daddy?” the kid growled, slapping Ren’s plate of food out of his hands to the ground. Ren slowly looked down at the plate and then up at the guy. The members of the journalism club had stopped shouting and were taking pictures for a new story. Ren cursed under his breath and reached down to pick up the remains of his lunch. All he could have now was his water. He picked it up and shoved the kid out of the way. The kid clenched his fist and reached back for a punch until the doors of the cafeteria flung upon and the S class students walked in. Caden noticed what had happened and grabbed an untouched apple from a nearby plate and walked over to Ren, handing it to him.

“So you are already good friends with S class now?” the kid called after Ren. Ren sat down at the tale and wiped some of the lasagna off of his shirt and ignored everyone. Even though Ren was sitting right beside them the journalism club continued shouting and promoting the news story about Ren’s appearance at the school. Ren soon became impatient and irritated, he bounced his knees and his throat started to burn. With every single bite of apple a spark ignites and soon small flames were escaping from his mouth.

“Hey guys, that doesn’t look good.” Caden said from the lunch line, pointing over at Ren.

“It’s not our problem. Just get your food and let’s get the hell out of this dump.” Aiten said, accepting his plate of food.

“But it’s not fair to him, they are all being mean.” Caden mumbled from under Raiden’s arm. Mai looked over at Ren just in time to watch him guzzle down the rest of his water bottle. Ren slowly stood up and threw away his trash. He walked past the two journalism club members, causing them to go completely silent. Suddenly the stack of newspapers they had with them burst into flames, which roared higher and higher with each passing second. Most of the other students and ran to the opposite side of the cafeteria, besides the other fire users, who stared at the fire blankly.

“Ren Taylor,” a familiar voice boomed from the doorway. Ren looked around to see Lucius standing in the cafeteria with his arms crossed, “Come to my office, right now.” Ren slowly walked towards him, the large crowd splitting directly down the middle so Ren could pass. Ren followed Lucius to an office at the opposite end of the first floor and walked in behind him. The room was similar to Mavardo’s office, with bookcases overflowing with books and a desk filled with papers. Lucius pulls out a chair for Ren but Ren chooses to lean against a bookcase.

“Mind telling me what that was about?” Lucius asked with the anger leaking from his voice.

“What was what about?” Ren mumbled, trying his best to care about what Lucius had to say.

“Don’t play dumb. The mess on the floor, the newspapers and trash can that suddenly burst into flames?” Lucius pressed.

“The trash can lit up as well? Excellent!” Ren said, excited.

“So you’re not denying that you did it? You know Mavardo is really putting his neck out to keep you here. He’s already dealing with the United Nations and the Japanese government about you even being in this country. But listen Ren, I like you. I do, but you can’t walk around the school pulling stunts like this! You have exams in one week, focus on your cram classes and not what others think of you.” Lucius lectured, physically boring Ren.

“Sorry that they don’t have any manners or respect for anyone. I had to shut them up before someone really tried to start something with me.” Ren replied in protest.

“Ren, get out of here before I change my mind, I will take care of the other students. Just go to the garden or courtyard to kill time before your next class starts.” Lucius said, rubbing his forehead. Ren got up and walked to the door but paused for a moment to see Lucius pull some papers from the middle of his giant stack. Ren gave a weak smile and walked out into the hallway. It appeared empty until Ren heard a familiar chuckle. He spun around to see the old man from before his first class looking down at him.

“Well, well, the fire brat is already in trouble? Isn’t it your first day boy?” the old man sneered, instantly giving Ren an uneasy feeling as to who this man really was.

“That shouldn’t concern you one bit, Kaizen.” Lucius said, suddenly standing in the door way, “You should know that Mavardo is meeting with the United Nations leader right now, why are you here again?”

“I guess Mavardo didn’t tell you, did he?” Kaizen said with an evil smile, “I am the leader of the United Nations now.”

“What? But you’re an element sage!” Lucius said with a shocked expression on his face. He noticed Ren still standing between them, clearly confused.
“Ren, keep walking. Kaizen if you want to talk please come into my office.”

“Gladly, have fun out there, fire brat.” Kaizen said, looking down at Ren before walking to Lucius’ office, who closed the door in Ren’s face without saying another word. Ren roamed the hallways for ten minutes thinking about all that had happened to him in the past few days. Without him noticing the bell for the second and final class of the day rang and he quickly returned to his cram class.

The next day Ren woke up even earlier than the day before and decided to go for a walk. Mavardo had not returned from his meetings but he was scheduled to come back before the day was over. Ren threw on his uniform and ate some scrambled eggs that he fixed himself before leaving the office and heading towards the garden. Ren noticed Kirina standing alone in the garden by the same rose bush that Ren looked at the first day he arrived at the school.

“You really like roses huh?” he said, scaring her. At first she looked like she was going to run away or attack him but instead she sighed in relief when she noticed it was Ren.

“You scared me,” she said with a laugh, “Yeah I love them a lot. They are so gorgeous but they have their own way of defending themselves. Ren was silent in response. Kirina stared at him for a moment before picking up a rose. “You know, you look really familiar to me for some reason.” Ren looked at her with his head cocked to the side, knowing that he felt the same way.

“Where do you think we met at? I’d be lying if I said you didn’t seem familiar to me.” Ren replied.

“I remember someone who had your exact eyes. I used to play with a little boy that I called Zen Zen from the time the sun rose to the time it set. One time I tried to sneak him into the house because it was so could outside so he would have a place to sleep but my Dad caught him. He got mad and grabbed his shotgun off of the wall. I thought was going to kill Zen Zen but instead he just stood in the doorway threating him. Then he disappeared without ever saying goodbye. He was my best friend even though he was only around for about a month. I blamed myself for a long for what happened but I believed that if it were meant to happen that we would meet again someday.” She explained, looking at the rose for a moment before looking into Ren’s eyes.

“You used to pack him a lunch that consisted of odd shaped rice balls and whatever leftovers you had.” Ren replied with a sly smile.

“Yeah he didn’t get a lot of proper food because of where he lived.” Kirina said before pausing and staring at Ren with her mouth wide open, “But how did you know that?” Ren quickly took a step backward and put his arms behind his head and looking at the ground.

“Well you always had trouble saying R words so you called me Zen and I called you Ki.” Ren said, his hands dropping to his side once more. Before he looked up at her again she threw herself around him, tears running down her face.

“I knew it was you! I’ve missed you so much!” she cried, hugging him tighter. After a moment Ren gulped and hugged her in return. Neither of them noticed that other members of the S class rapidly approaching the garden. All of them looked stressed about something before Caden pointed out Kirina and Ren hugging.

“That’s Kiri-chan and she’s crying!” he whispered, grabbing on to Raiden’s arm tighter. Aiten slammed his fist against the wall and water rushed out from his hands, his teeth clenched as well as his fists. Mai tried to calm him down but Caden and Raiden had already ran over to the two of them urgently.

“Kirina! Ren! Something bad is happening in front of the school!” Caden cried out urgently, instantly splitting the two apart from each other. Mai and Aiten slowly walked towards them, Aiten glaring directly at Ren for putting his hands on Kirina.

“Something bad,” Kirina asked, “What’s going on? It’s only 6:55 in the morning not many students should be awake yet.”

“It’s not with the students,” Mai said, also giving Ren a bit of a cold stare, “It’s between Mavardo and the United Nations.”

“Why are the United Nations here?” Ren asked. Aiten slowly moved away from the group, looking around to confirm that there weren’t any other students in the garden. He quietly placed his hands together and closed his eyes. Before any of the others could react the entire garden was sealed in by a giant tornado created by Aiten.
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Default Chapter 2 of 5 (Part 2 of 2)

“Aiten, what the hell are you doing?” Raiden shouted, dropping Caden from his arm. Caden’s childish expression changed to a much darker and serious one. Kirina attached herself to Ren, who was also glaring at Aiten.

“I’ve been told that I can’t let any of you near what’s going on at the school.” Aiten said without turning around to face his fellow classmates.

“Then you can at least tell us what’s happening!” Mai shouted, prepared to change into a fighting stance depending on Aiten’s movements. Aiten chuckled and slowly turned to face her. He ripped his red ‘S’ armband off to reveal a United Nations armband.

“In just a few moments my father will become the new headmaster of this school and Mavardo will die.” Aiten said. Ren’s eyes grew wide and he was instantly filled with pure rage. He gently pushed Kirina off of his arm and stood in between the other members of the S class and Aiten, “And what the hell are you going to do? You can barely control your element!”

“What I’m going to do,” Ren muttered, clenching his fists tighter and tighter, “I’m gonna kick your ass!” he shouted.

“Is that so,” Aiten replied with a chuckle, “I don’t think you understand how much I’ve wanted to kill you since you first showed up, Ren Mavardo.” Before Aiten could react Ren punched him directly in the face, sending the former student crashing to the ground. Mai and the other members of the S class looked on, impressed. Aiten jumped to his feet and clapped his hands together, causing a sharp whirlwind to surround Ren, cutting his uniform and face. Ren quickly shouted and surrounded himself with fire, which protected him from the whirlwind. Before Ren could react again he was smacked with a large burst of water, putting out his flames and sending him flying to the other side of the garden. He smacked into one of the giant pillars near the gate and instantly fell unconscious. Kirina instantly ran over to him, trying to get him to regain consciousness. Aiten prepared to move over to Ren’s location but he was stopped from a sudden kick from Mai, sending Aiten stumbling backwards.

“It’s a shame that we have to do this Aiten, we’re supposed to be classmates!” Mai shouted, pointing her finger at Aiten’s chest, “But I can’t let you continue doing what you’re doing. I will not hesitate to ‘snipe’ you!”

The front of the school was in complete chaos. Mavardo stood in the courtyard completely surrounded by members of the United Nations task force as the students and teachers looked on from the school. A long, black limo pulled up to the school and Kaizen and Lucius stepped out. Mavardo’s eyes grew wide at the sight of Lucius now wearing a United Nations armband.

“Lucius, he got you as well?” Mavardo asked calmly.

“I’m sorry Mavardo, but it’s for the sake of the school.” Lucius replied, refusing to make eye contact with his now former boss.

“That’s quite unfortunate. But maybe you could enlighten me about what’s going on before I make any final judgments on you.” Mavardo replied.

“Lucius doesn’t have to explain anything to you anymore Mavardo.” Kaizen said with an evil smile, “But I’ll gladly tell you what is going on.”

“I don’t want to hear it from trash like you.” Mavardo said, preparing to enter a fighting stance. Before he moved a significant amount of soldiers raised their weapons towards him. Mavardo looked down at his chest to notice a large amount of laser sights darting around his heart. There were also quite a few lasers pointed directly at his forehead as well.

“You don’t exactly have much of a choice Mavardo.” Kaizen said, slowly approaching the current headmaster of the school, “One wrong move and you’ll be killed instantly.”

“Where are Aiten, Ren, and the other members of the S class?” Mavardo asked, knowing that none of them are currently in the main school building.

“I have Aiten taking care of the fire brat and the others.” Kaizen replied, pulling out a white glove with strange markings on it. He placed it on his left hand slowly and smiled at Mavardo, “However none of that matters to you because I am about to show you what I’ve been working on the past few months.” Kaizen slowly raised his left hand up and placed it on Mavardo’s forehead. Within seconds black lightning surrounded Mavardo and he screamed out in severe pain. With seconds skin cells started to rip off his body. Kaizen finally let go and Mavardo fell to his knees. The students and teachers looked on horror as Kaizen then pulled out a pistol from inside of his jacket and placed it against Mavardo’s forehead.

“Mr. Mavardo, you are hereby terminated by the supreme order of the United Nations.” Kaizen said and pulled the trigger.


Author's Note: Wow, this is the first time i've posted a chapter so long it took two posts to add on here. o.o But yeah, feedback is greatly appreciated! 3 chapters to go!
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Holy, sh*t. These chapters look like 6 pages worth of information on a Microsoft Word document. Which was exactly how long one of the fight chapters in MY story was.

Even though I've only read one chapter so far, this is pretty good. It gives off an X-men impression. Probably better than X-men.

Why 5 chapters only? D:
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Both chapters are ten pages each in Word! xD And yeah, I took some inspiration from X-Men but then change it completely in chapter 2.

And its only 5 chapters so I can return to my own work, don't want to get addicted to a fanfic of my best friend's story! lol
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Loooove this keep em coming you cant stop like this....you and your bf should tag team this....all thats missing is images lol....but seriously....this story is beastly
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Originally Posted by HOLLOW UCHIHA View Post
Loooove this keep em coming you cant stop like this....you and your bf should tag team this....all thats missing is images lol....but seriously....this story is beastly
It took me a minute to realize you meant "best friend" lol. She's actually REALLY good at drawing and she's designing the characters a lot but she doesn't know when she wants to turn it into a comic/manga. I will say that my version is WAY different than hers, especially in Chapter 2.

Thanks for the awesome feedback though!
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10 pages?!

Sh*t, you must get sore fingers from all that. @_@

I know you split chapter two into two parts because of the length, but I kinda like that. Plus, that kinda reminds me of what I did in my story.
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Originally Posted by TheBlackKnight View Post
10 pages?!

Sh*t, you must get sore fingers from all that. @_@

I know you split chapter two into two parts because of the length, but I kinda like that. Plus, that kinda reminds me of what I did in my story.
I had to split chapter 2 into two posts because SI was like "HEY THIS MESSAGE IS TOO LONG, REDUCE IT TO x AMOUNT OF CHARACTERS"
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Holy crap. That was really good. As Hollow said, you should work with your best friend, maybe scan some drawings of the characters and add them to the story.
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I had to split chapter 2 into two posts because SI was like "HEY THIS MESSAGE IS TOO LONG, REDUCE IT TO x AMOUNT OF CHARACTERS"
Um, I already knew that. Kinda mentioned it.
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Default Chapter 3 of 5 (Part 1 of 2)

Chapter Three – The Truth

“You’re going to kill me Mai?” Aiten said with a large smile on his face but with both of his eyes narrowed down, glaring at her, “Now I think we both know that you won’t be able to kill the person who taught you how to use your ability in the first place.”

“Mai won’t be the only one you have to deal with,” Raiden said, standing beside his classmate and taking off his glasses. Caden stood with Kirina and Ren, tears already running down his face. Ren was finally starting to move but he wasn’t in fighting shape. Aiten cracked his knuckles and smirked once again. He clapped his hands together at the same time a thin bolt of lightning burst from Mai’s finger, heading directly for Aiten’s chest. A large chuck of the ground suddenly moved up from the ground and easily destroyed the lightning. Raiden then clenched his right fist, which suddenly became surrounded by a red lightning. Raiden punched the earth and destroyed it, much to Aiten’s surprise. Aiten stumbled backwards and Mai once again targeted his chest. Aiten spun on his left heel and narrowly avoided a second attack from Mai, but also gave Raiden the chance to move into close range. Raiden once again closed his fist and surrounded it with red lightning.

Aiten counted by forming a wall of fire between the two of them, forcing Raiden to jump back to Mai. The fire quickly dispersed without Aiten standing beside it. Before Mai and Raiden could react two lightning bursts came from behind them and went through both of their chests. Mai collapsed onto her knees while Raiden was left standing. Raiden coughed up a significant amount of blood and turned his head to see Aiten standing behind them with both his left and right index fingers pointing at them, with electricity surrounding the tips.

“I tried to warn you Mai, you can’t kill me. I’ve become an element sage! I know how to counter every element and every variation that you can possibly think of. I was the one who created your snipe ability so of course I have a way to counter it as well as a much stronger form of it. And you, Raiden, your red lightning greatly increases your physical damage but its weak to fire.” Aiten explained with a psychotic look on his face.

“Mai, are you OK?” Raiden asked, looking down at her with concern.

“Yeah, he missed my heart but just barely. I’m pretty sure one of my lungs collapsed though.” She replied trying to catch her breath, “What about you?”

“He didn’t hit any vital organs but he did a fair amount of damage. He’s not accurate as you but his attack is stronger.” Raiden said, “I can’t fight with my glasses on but I can’t follow his movements accurately without them.”

“Don’t worry I won’t make you two suffer anymore!” Aiten shouted and clapped his hands together. Suddenly he was surrounded by five orbs, each representing the five core elements. Aiten made a circular motion with his right hand and the fire and water collided with each other, creating a large cloud of steam that surrounded himself as well as Raiden and Mai. “This is the true power of an Elemental Sage!”

“I can’t see anything!” Raiden muttered, “He’s mixing the properties of the elements together to give himself new attacks.”

Before Mai could respond she was suddenly impaled with another lightning strike, this time going through her right leg. Mai tried to shout in pain but suddenly a large rock smashed her in the face, sending her directly to the ground. Raiden looked to his left to try and find her but was instead hit with small water pellets all over his body, doing little damage. Raiden brushed the water from his face and prepared to activate his lightning ability until he realized that he would kill himself by doing so. Raiden fell to his knees and bashed his own head against the ground.

“Damn it! I can’t do anything to stop him!” he shouted.

“That’s exactly right,” Aiten said from within the steam, “I’m the perfect weapon. I’m going to kill all of you and take my place at father’s side!”

Suddenly all of the mist was blown away as Caden began to scream loudly. Both Raiden and Aiten turned their attention to him as small tornadoes formed all over the garden. Raiden noticed that all the water had been instantly dried and Aiten had let his guard down. Raiden quickly closed his left fist and went in for the attack. Before Raiden could reach Aiten the ground shook and he stumbled and fell to the side. Raiden looked over at the main school building and noticed black lightning shooting up from the courtyard. Aiten looked at the lightning and let out a disappointing sigh.

“It looks like I’m already out of time. I didn’t even get to kill any of you this time.” He said, disappointed in himself. Raiden and Kirina both looked surprised at Aiten’s sudden change in mood. “Next time you won’t be so lucky.” He said before casually walking through his wind barrier and out of the garden. Raiden sat up and looked over at Mai, who was still breathing but otherwise motionless. Kirina had Ren’s head resting in her lap as Caden continued to scream and cry. Raiden slowly pulled himself to his feet and walked over to Caden, patting him on the head before collapsing from the injuries and fatigue. Without breaking a sweat, Aiten had defected from the S class and almost killed two of his former classmates as well as Ren. Tears slowly dropped from Kirina’s face to Ren’s as she began to realize what had just happened before her. Both Mai and Raiden had almost died from protecting her, Caden, and Ren from a former friend.

Without warning there was suddenly a gun shot and Kirina couldn’t help but jump. There was suddenly a lot of screaming from the main school building and what sounded like a lot of students running towards the emergency exit at the back of the school, which would lead them directly into the garden. Kirina gently placed Ren’s head on the ground and walked up to one of Aiten’s barriers. She closed her eyes for a moment and focused; she surrounded herself with water and then attacked the barrier with a giant wave of water, which immediately destroyed it, opening up the garden to the students while the other barrier prevented them from heading towards the courtyard. One of the first students to reach the garden was the head of the journalism club, who ran up to Kirina with tears running down his face.

“What happened?” Kirina asked, stopping him from running further by grabbing him by the shoulders.

“I-It was terrible! Lucius, Kaizen, Aiten, the United Nations and then, and then Mavardo was shot!” he stuttered out. Kirina’s hands dropped back to her side and her eyes grew wide with disbelief, “Principal Mavardo was shot and killed!”

Before Kirina could respond the garden was soon flooded with students. Kirina rushed over to Ren and her S class friends. Caden had propped Raiden, Mai, and Ren up against the garden wall. As more students and eventually teachers arrived at the garden Kirina realized too many people were gathering at once place. Moments before she opened her mouth a single gunshot was heard and the entire garden fell into complete silence.

The other barrier that Aiten had set up instantly vanished and Kaizen, with Aiten, Lucius, and another man by his side stood on the other side.

The other man looked quite similar to Aiten and Kaizen. He was slightly taller than Aiten but still a little shorter than Kaizen, he appeared to be at least ten years older than Aiten was growing a moustache similar to Kaizen’s. He had a large sword on sheathed at his waist near a cloth that was wrapped around his thigh with his name written in Kanji letters. He had long black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail, dark brown eyes, and an open blue jacket that exposed his chest. Kirina stared at the cloth for a moment, trying to figure out what the Kanji meant.

“Attention element brats!” Kaizen shouted, causing a slight murmur throughout the large crowd of people that were close to overflowing the garden, “My name is Kaizen Cooper. Some of you may know me as the leader of the United Nations and some of you may know me as Aiten’s father. But from now on all of you will know me as: Headmaster Kaizen!”

The crowd was instantly silenced by the shocking announcement. Kirina dropped to her knees and covered her mouth as the tears started to slowly trickle down her face. Caden didn’t listen to the announcement, staring at Raiden waiting for him to wake up. A single teacher suddenly burst through the crowd with a rifle in his hands. He skidded to a halt and pointed the rifle directly at Kaizen and pulled the trigger. The man to the right of Kaizen suddenly drew his sword and casually deflected the bullet. The teacher gasped and quickly pointed the gun directly at Kaizen again but before he could fire the man jumped to action again, casually cutting the rifle in half was well as leaving a large vertical slash up the teacher’s body.

The crowd panicked again and hundreds of students and teachers started to rush back towards the school. The man sheathed his blade once again and Kirina finally noticed what the Kanji read. The man that stood with Kaizen and Aiten was Hiruma, Aiten’s older brother. Kaizen locked eyes on the remaining members of S class, the only students remaining in the garden after only a few short moments.

“Ren Mavardo,” Kaizen said after a short pause, “Give him to me, Lucius.”

“Of course,” Lucius said and slowly walked over to Ren, refusing to make eye contact with Kirina. Kirina moved herself in front of Ren and threw her arms out to prevent Lucius from taking him. “Please move Kirina, I have my orders.”

“I will not let you take him!” Kirina shouted with the tears running down her face. Lucius hesitated briefly before slapping Kirina across the face, sending her falling to the ground. Lucius then picked up the motionless body of Ren and placed him on his back. Lucius looked down at Kirina apologetically before slowly walking towards the Cooper family.

“Very good Lucius, I want you to take him back to The Asylum immediately. I want him there for the rest of his life. Also make sure they install the anti-element prison bars I sent over this morning. I never want to see another Mavardo in my life.” Kaizen said and Lucius nodded and walked towards the courtyard. Kaizen looked at Kirina, who had yet to get up from the ground. “You must be Kirina right? I want you to gather up your classmates and get out of my garden. Tomorrow is going to be a really important day for the entire school.” He said before slowly turning around and walking towards the school, with Hiruma soon following. Aiten stayed behind for a moment and stared at his former classmates before following his father and brother. Kirina stayed in the garden, crying her eyes out.


The next day arrived quickly and the entire school had changed overnight. Kaizen had every class of students escorted to their classes by at least five members of the U.N. defense force. Any students or teachers that planned an uprising were going to be killed on sight in front of everyone in the area, to set an example. Mai and Raiden had been taken to the infirmary and had not been seen all morning by either Kirina or Caden. Kaizen had set Hiruma has the new Head of Discipline and Aiten was his assistant while Lucius was to remain as the Vice Principal. Many students discussed Ren’s disappearance, with even some of the former students who hated him for showing up suddenly worried about his whereabouts. Any discussion about the former headmaster Mavardo resulted in a direct visit to Hiruma’s office.

Kirina and Caden were forbidden from talking to each other or visiting Mai and Raiden in the infirmary. Both of them were assigned personal guards and their every movement was followed by the new cameras that Kaizen had installed all over the campus. The garden and courtyard had become completely cut off from students and Kaizen was enforcing a strict nine o’clock curfew for both students and teachers. He had also completely changed the structure of the school day. Academics were only given thirty minutes per subject, lunch had a mere fifteen minutes per period and all discussion was prohibited. There were to be tests at the end of every week to ensure that every student had been studying the material they had been given. With only about three hours dedicated to academics the rest of the day had been turned into combat training. Kaizen constantly pitted students and teachers against each other to keep everyone in check.

The first week was soon over and the infirmary had already expanded to two extra rooms from all of the patients. Mai and Raiden had both awakened and been released. Mai first tried to resist Kaizen’s new rules and was sent to Hiruma’s office on her first day back. Mai emerged from the infirmary three days later with her upper body heavily bandaged. Raiden pushed up his glasses and looked away, refusing to look at this fellow classmate in her current condition. Mai refused to speak a word in any of her classes, looking at the ground constantly and barely completing her work on time. Kirina and Caden both cried at the sight of her, Mai’s will had been completely broken by the Coopers.

A whole month had passed since Kaizen and the United Nation’s hostile takeover of Mavardo’s school. Kaizen assigned Lucius to take a trip to The Asylum to ensure that Ren was still, as he described, “broken”. Lucius packed a few materials without Kaizen’s knowledge and left on the first flight to Australia. When he had first arrived at The Asylum Coron had been “discharged” and replaced with a new warden that Lucius was not permitted to meet at the time. Ren stayed unconscious the entire time, his wounds more severe than initially believed. Lucius carried him all the way down to his cell on the newly installed “G” block, for element users. Ren was placed in the strongest cell that the prison had and his standard bars were replaced with “anti-element” bars that would prevent him from trying to escape.

Lucius had been given only two update reports on Ren since he dropped him off. The first report detailed Ren’s awakening and his desperate attempt to break out from the prison. The report said that on contact with the bars Ren’s fire instantly vanished and when Ren tried to force his way through he was shocked with black lightning. The second report was a week later and detailed Ren’s long refusal to eat to the point the orderlies had to inject food into his body in liquid form to keep him alive. Lucius arrived at The Asylum and slowly approached Ren’s cell on the G floor. Lucius dropped his bag at the sight of Ren. Ren had lost a considerable amount of weight and was sitting cross legged on his cot, glaring at Lucius.

“Mind telling me what the hell happened a month ago?” Ren barked, his voice echoing over the otherwise empty floor. Lucius gulped and Ren raised an eyebrow as tears started to run down Lucius’ face.

“I’m sorry Ren, I’m so sorry!” Lucius cried, falling to his knees in apparent shame.

“I don’t want to hear your shitty apologies,” Ren said coldly, “I want to know what happened. Why am I here? What the hell happened with Aiten and where is Mavardo?”

“I will answer any question that you have for me,” Lucius said after he wiped the tears away from his face, “It is the least I can do to repent for the terrible crimes I have committed. Ren, what I am going to tell you us the complete and honest… truth.”

Ren was silent the entire time that Lucius explained what had happened at the school. Lucius detailed Kaizen’s meeting with him after Ren left his office where Kaizen vowed to massacre all of the students and teachers in the school without Lucius’ cooperation. Lucius then talked about the attack on the school where Aiten attacked the S class while Kaizen killed Mavardo. Lucius noticed Ren’s eyes grow large at the news of Mavardo’s death. Without stopping for Ren to react Lucius told Ren about the new rules that Kaizen had put into place at the school. After finishing his story he opened up his bag and pulled out a single scroll with the kanji for “Fire” written on it.

“I want you to have this. It was Mavardo’s personal notes about how fire could be used in combat. It was the only thing I could bring to you.” Lucius said, reaching through the bars and extending the scroll out to Ren. Ren slowly rose from his bed, grabbed the scroll from Lucius and without hesitating burned it to ashes right in front of him. “What the hell did you just do?”

“I have my own ways to use fire. What else do you think I’ve been doing for the past month? If you really want my forgiveness Lucius,” Ren said, taking a moment to pause, “Break me out of here and let me avenge Mavardo.”

“I can’t,” Lucius replied without hesitation or a moment to think.

“Then get the hell out you useless piece of shit!” Ren shouted and grabbed onto the prison bars, which engulfed him in black lightning. Ren didn’t even flinch, with both of his eyes glaring directly at Lucius. Lucius held back tears as he grabbed his bag and turned around without saying another word. He stopped at the opposite end of the hallway after pushing the button to summon the elevator and turned around to face Ren once more.

“In two months, S-class will rescue you. If two months pass and they don’t arrive it means that Kaizen… has killed all of us.” Lucius said as he slowly walked backwards into the elevator. The steel doors slammed together before Ren had time to react and the elevator slowly began to move back to the ground floor. “You have to stop him Ren; you are the only one who can avenge Mavardo’s death.” Lucius said to himself, “I just hope I can get the others strong enough in that amount of time.”

Lucius casually wrote a false report on his flight back to Japan. He talked about how Ren ferociously tried to attack him through the bars. Lucius also wrote that the warden once again refused to greet him at the gate and he was forced to wait an hour in the bitter heat of the desert. Lucius finished his report by saying Ren is currently showing significant weight loss making an attempt at escape by Ren impossible. Lucius closed his notebook and looked out at the setting sun. A single tear ran down his cheek before he slowly closed his eyes and slept the rest of the flight.

When Lucius returned to the school the next morning he gave his report to Kaizen. Kaizen laughed and dismissed Lucius immediately. Lucius returned to his office, sat down in his chair and thought deeply for almost three hours. With only twenty minutes remaining in the academic school day Lucius had Kirina, Caden, Raiden, and Mai brought to his office. He closed the door and locked it behind them. All four members of S class shot him dirty looks.

“Before any of you say anything, I want to establish that I am on your side and I need your help to break Ren Mavardo out of The Asylum.” Lucius said, causing Kirina’s eyes to brighten up and sparkle for a brief moment. Mai slowly locked eyes with Lucius before shaking her head and trying to walk out of the office. Lucius blocked the way to the door with his right arm, “At least listen to what I have to say.”

“You should know better than anyone that it’s impossible to even escape this school right now, let alone get to Australia.” Mai said in a flat, monotony voice.

“If you can agree to my plan you will be able to escape before Kaizen is able to detect you but you have to stay in here and hear me out!” Lucius replied. After a long pause Mai sucked on her teeth and walked back to Raiden and Caden and leaned up against Raiden’s right side while Caden was happily attached to his left side. Kirina politely crossed her legs as Lucius returned to his chair and pulled out a large piece of paper, cleared his desk and slammed the paper down.

“We have two months to prepare. All of you are going to need to get a lot stronger than you are now to be able to break Ren out of The Asylum, so every night at midnight I want all of you to converge at the garden. Midnight is when most of the guard changes happen and if you can all reach the window at the far end of the right side of the third floor hallway then you’ll be able to jump down into the garden without being detected. After you all arrive at the garden I want you to use your elements to launch yourselves over the gate and run west until you reach a forest. Once you reach the forest I want you to hide out in this hut about fifty miles further in and train like no tomorrow for the next two months! There are enough food, water, and other necessary supplies in the hut, which is actually quite large but I call it a hut, to last all of you for four months, so you should be fine. The hut is undetectable by Kaizen’s men at this current time but I am positive the next day he’s going to have all of his men, myself included, searching for you so be careful in those woods.” Lucius explained quickly, not giving any of the students time to process the information they had just been given.

“What if he finds out that you’re the one behind this? And what do we do if he finds us out there?” Raiden asked calmly after a long silence.

“If he finds out that I’m behind it, he’ll kill me but I won’t expect any of you to know or stop training if you do find out. And if he finds you, all you can do is run. Once your training is complete I want you to get to the airfield and talk to a man named Ray, he’ll talk you to the Asylum. Once you’re there everything will be up to you because by the time you return I promise you all that I… will be dead.” Lucius replied.

“How are we supposed to bust Ren out of his cell? I heard the bars around his cell were made to counter all of the elements.” Kirina asked.

“There is no way to counter Kaizen’s technology at this present moment but I’m sure that if you all trained hard enough you would be able to overload the bar’s elemental capacity and deactivate them.” Lucius said with a large, fake smile.

“Is that even possible?” Mai said, slightly raising her voice.

“Yes it is, at the time of the technology’s creation Mavardo was the strongest element user in the world and it was even able to stop him, but I overheard Kaizen later telling his sons that Mavardo almost overpowered the lightning and that he wanted a stronger version made. As the vice principal I know for a fact that the upgraded version has not arrived at the Asylum or here yet. Any other questions?” Lucius asked.

“So you want us to become stronger than Mavardo?” Mai said, crossing her arms. Everyone stared at her for a moment as a large smile spread across her face for the first time in over a month, “I’m in!” she said proudly.

“If Mai’s in, I’m in.” Raiden said.

“I’ll go wherever Raiden goes! I’m in too!” Caden said while thrusting his fist into the air.

“I want to bust Zen Zen out more than anyone! I’m in!” Kirina said with a determined look in her eyes.

“I’m glad to see that you all trust me. Alright then, the plan starts tonight at midnight! Be ready!” Lucius said and dismissed all of the s class from his office.

All four members of S class along with Lucius spent the rest of the day planning for the escape from the school was secretively as possible. After only a few short hours midnight was only minutes away. Mai cracked her knuckles and silently took out her personal guard and emerged from her room as silently as possible at the same time Kirina emerged from hers. Kirina greeted Mai with a smile and they quietly progressed down the hall, joining up with Raiden and Caden on their way. All of the security cameras suddenly sprung to life as they reached the window. Mai flung the window open and jumped down to the ground before any of the cameras turned in their direction.

Mai turned around and noticed a large amount of guards running in their direction. She cursed out loud and ran towards the fence with her classmates as sirens began to blare across the campus. Mai launched herself over the fence first and caught Caden after Raiden threw him over. Raiden and Kirina jumped over together and the four ran towards the forest. The guards had not noticed what direction the students had ran off to and frantically searched the entire garden area of the campus, not realizing all four of them had escaped from the campus grounds.

“I thought for a moment Lucius had tipped Kaizen off but they don’t seem to be following us.” Mai said after slowing down to a normal walk.

“As much as I hate to say it, Kaizen is a very smart man and it’s very possible he’s been predicting our escape since he seized power.” Raiden said, gently pushing up his glasses.

“That’s a good point, look up ahead, I can see the forest! We made it. That dumbass Lucius’ plan actually worked.” Mai said triumphantly pointing ahead and the trees looming on the horizon. Lucius looked out at the group, now completely faded from sight from his dorm room window with a smile on his face. His escape plan had worked perfectly but the next two months would be the real test.

The sun was just beginning to rise as Mai, Raiden, Caden, and Kirina arrived at Lucius’ hideout in the middle of the forest. Mai checked the surrounding area and confirmed that she wasn’t able to detect the hut’s presence without standing right in front of it. The group was still discoverable though it would take significant work to discover their location. Mai noticed the red armband on Kirina’s jacket and looked at her own sleeve, glaring at her own red armband. Without warning she ripped it off and dropped it to the ground.

“From this moment we are no longer known as S-Class! The red armband means nothing to us anymore. We are what is left of Mavardo’s pride! From this moment onwards we are known as Hokori!” Mai shouted. The other members of the newly formed Hokori also tore off their red armbands and Caden used his wind ability to blow them far away from the hideout.

“These next two months are going to be hard, without a doubt. But in two months we’ll go rescue Ren and finally be able to kick Kaizen’s ass! Hokori! Let’s get started!” Mai shouted.

It had been almost exactly two months since Lucius had visited Ren at The Asylum. Ren had begun to eat normally again to regain his weight while also practicing and planning new fighting moves for when he finally got his hands on Aiten and Kaizen. According to the dates and information Lucius had given Ren, it was also the three month anniversary of Mavardo’s murder. Ren had written the day down in his journal, which was actually a journal he had stolen from another prisoner during one of his visits to the artificial garden.

“Today is supposed to be the day.” Ren muttered to himself, looking out at the cold, dark and empty hallway.
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Default Chapter 3 of 5 (Part 2 of 2)

Unknown to Ren a single plane had landed just slightly to the north of The Asylum. The members of Hokori jumped out of the plane and Mai thanked Ray for flying them.

“We’ll be back within the hour and if we aren’t, tell Lucius we failed.” Mai said, to which the pilot nodded. Mai slipped on a new black jacket with the Kanji for Hokori on the back and cracked her knuckles. Raiden slowly put in his new, self-designed contacts and slipped on a wristband with the Hokori Kanji on it. Kirina put on a headband with the Kanji as well while Caden was decked out in a slightly altered school uniform with Hokori written all over it. He had torn off both sleeves to ensure that they wouldn’t get in the way of his wind abilities.

Mai pulled out a small pair of binoculars from her right pant pocket and looked at the entrance to The Asylum; there were four guards in total guarding it. Mai smirked and tucked away the binoculars back into her pocket. The other members of Hokori looked on as Mai closed her eyes for a brief moment before pointing her right index finger in the direction of The Asylum. A single lightning bolt charged on her finger and she launched it towards a single guard. Moments before impacting the guard Mai closed her fist and the bolt split off into four, equally as powerful bolts. All four of the guards fell instantly without even noticing the incoming attack.

“That worked better than I expected.” Mai said with a snicker on her face,

“But I think that is enough stealth for one day. You ready Raiden?” Raiden smiled and slammed his left fist into his right palm with a large, almost goofy smile on his face.

“Let’s go rescue the final member of Hokori!” Caden said with a smile almost as goofy. Mai let out a loud battle cry and Raiden ran forward, jumping over a large rock and landing in front of the entrance to The Asylum. Raiden closed his left fist and red lightning formed around it. Raiden lightly touched the door with his pinky finger and the door crumpled and flew inwards, sending a high pitched alarm blaring throughout the prison.

Guards quickly surrounded Raiden who slowly raised his hands up in the air. One of the guards fired at him without warning and landed a direct shot to Raiden’s chest. Raiden stumbled backwards but only a puddle of water dripped out from his chest. He pulled out a water bottle and slammed it to the ground, much to the confusion of the guards. Before they were able to react multiple spears were formed from the water and impaled all of them through the chest, forcing them into the outside wall.

“Nice job Kirina.” Mai said as she arrived at the entrance with the two other members of Hokori.

“Thanks, I hope I didn’t kill any of them,” Kirina replied, slightly biting her right thumb.

“A little collateral damage is no big deal,” Mai said, the smirk from before still on her face, “Now without further ado, let’s go get Ren!”

Ren crossed his legs impatiently as the alarms sounded off on all of the floors of the underground prison. The entire floor began to shake and a large smile appeared on Ren’s face. He jumped to his feet and laughed loudly, knowing that he was alone on the floor. He looked down at the journal, which had fallen off the bed, and the rough sketch he had drawn of Mavardo.

“Just a little longer and I’ll be able to avenge your death… Dad.”
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Hate to say this, but I gotta read these in chunks. Mainly because I'm overloaded in crap and I gotta find the time to read these. Keep up the good work, though.
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Default Chapter 4 (Part 1 of 2)

Chapter Four – Prison Break

The Asylum is one of the most protected government facilities in the world. Its existence is known to only a few select individuals and the facility is always under maximum security lockdown. In the facilities thirty year existence no one had ever escaped or even tried to escape. However there was a single man that had broken in to the facility many years prior to the current events. The man who was able to completely destroy the facilities security systems and reached the bottom floor, but Mavardo was still stopped by a single man. At the time of Mavardo’s break in the Warden of The Asylum was a man simply known as Mr. K. Mavardo had heard rumors of cruel experiments going that had been enforced by Mr. K. By the time Mavardo had reached the bottom floor, where the experiments were supposed to be held, he was met by Mr. K.

“When I heard that a man named Mr. K was the warden of this place for whatever reason I didn’t even consider you a suspect,” Mavardo said looking at his enemy, who was standing in the shadows of the prison cells in the room, “It’s been a long time, Kaizen.”

“I see that you wasted no time in killing my best guards, Mavardo,” Kaizen said, emerging from the shadows. He appeared much younger at this time, with only a single strip of gray hair running down the center of his head, the rest of hair was a dark brown and his moustache was significantly shorter, barely extending across the top of his mouth. He was wearing a large beige coat that gave him more a buff appearance.

“What can I say? They didn’t want to let me come visit my best friend.” Mavardo said with a sly smirk on his face. Kaizen narrowed his eyes and clenched his teeth.

“Just who the hell do you think you are Mavardo? Just because you were the one selected to be the Sage’s successor doesn’t mean you can run rampant all over the world!” Kaizen shouted, grabbing his signature sword sheath from behind him and slamming it down onto the ground before him,

“You have committed a great crime and I am officially placing you under arrest.” Mavardo burst into laughter and kneeled over overdramatically, holding his gut like he was in pain.

“Man you really have changed over the past few years Kaizen. I can already see that father time hasn’t been too kind to you. I guess I could tell you why I’m here but I think that much is obvious. Kaizen, what the hell have you been doing down here?” Mavardo asked, quickly changing from a joking expression to a serious one.

“I’ve been developing something that will change this world for the better Mavardo. The gene that creates element users like us has finally been isolated! I have done what was believed to be impossible! Mavardo, I can create an army!” Kaizen said with an almost demented look of pleasure on his face. Mavardo sighed and looked down, with a look of almost regret on his face.

“I was afraid that was the case. You know that I can’t let you do that Kaizen.” Mavardo replied, looking up to face his former friend.

“That’s a shame Mavardo I was honestly going to let you escape from my facility alive, but it doesn’t seem like you have left with me with any other choice.” Kaizen said as he unbuttoned his jacket and threw it to the ground behind him, revealing a black tank top. He was wearing a black belt with two small daggers attached to it, one on each side. Mavardo cracked his knuckles and his left hand changed from normal skin to a rock texture and his right hand changed into a fire texture.

Before another word could be said Kaizen had vanished from Mavardo’s sight. Mavardo spun around and dodged a swift strike from Kaizen, who had suddenly appeared behind him. Kaizen had drawn both of his daggers and casually threw one purposely behind Mavardo. Mavardo noticed the dagger in position with Kaizen’s current location and quickly jumped into the air. Kaizen sent his second dagger into the floor and smashed both of his hands down into it, creating two holes. Kaizen let out a loud shout and the floor between the two daggers changed from normal floor to earth and it quickly shot up towards Mavardo. Mavardo changed both his hands to fire and sent two large columns of flame into the center of the earth.

The rock in the earth quickly began to heat up and started to melt away. Mavardo was completely focused on preventing the earth from pinning him to the ceiling. Kaizen had noticed that Mavardo’s guard had dropped and he smirked. He pulled one of his daggers out from the floor and quickly began to run up the earth column that he had created. Mavardo noticed Kaizen running towards him and realized that Kaizen was easily defeating him. Mavardo kicked both of his feet off from the ceiling and threw his entire body to the opposite side of Kaizen, his flame columns dissipating and Kaizen’s earth column slammed into the ceiling. Kaizen sucked on his teeth and back flipped his way back down to the floor. Mavardo landed on the floor, his entire body shaking. Kaizen wiped some sweat from his brow and pointed his dagger directly at Mavardo’s chest.

Kaizen charged towards Mavardo again, but Mavardo’s eyes suddenly changed color and he casually side stepped Kaizen’s attack. Mavardo snapped his fingers and an entire prison of fire, water, earth, wind, and lightning formed around Kaizen. Kaizen, unable to move dropped his dagger to the ground and carefully turned around to face Mavardo. Mavardo’s eyes had changed completely to gold, almost blinding Kaizen.

“So you already have to use the Sage’s ability. I guess I’ll have to do the same.” Kaizen said. A look of shock appeared on Mavardo’s face as Kaizen closed his eyes for a brief moment and when he opened them his eyes were glowing similar to Mavardo’s. Kaizen raised his left hand the prison of the five elements around him instantly vanished.

“How are you able to activate this Kaizen? Only the chosen successor to the Sage is granted the ability!” Mavardo said with the shocked look still on his face.

“You still don’t understand do you Mavardo? In my research I have become the perfect elemental being. When I was able to tap into the gene that activates the element ability within one person I did make quite a few interesting discoveries. One of them is that anyone who is an elemental user can tap into the Sage’s ability, it can’t be fully activated with the Sage’s DNA but I’m sure that this from will be more than enough to match your movements, Mavardo.” Kaizen explained before taking another fighting stance, “Now let’s get back to business, shall we?”

Once again without giving Mavardo a chance to reply Kaizen launched himself forward, this time at a much more accelerated pace. Mavardo attempted to once again side step Kaizen’s attack but the increase in speed allowed Kaizen to at least graze Mavardo’s cheek. Mavardo stumbled to the left and Kaizen slammed him with a roundhouse kick to the face. Mavardo now stumbled backwards, quickly losing his balance. Kaizen ducked below Mavardo and elbowed him in the low back, forcing Mavardo forward. Before Mavardo could fall in one direction Kaizen spun around and nailed Mavardo with a devastating uppercut, sending Mavardo up into the air before landing on his back.

“I don’t even have to use any of the elements against you. You relied on them too much during our training and you never properly learned how to defend yourself! That is why I trained myself every night in different forms of martial arts and that is why I was and still am stronger than you! Mavardo, I’ve waited for the moment to kill you for almost fifteen years and now the day has come! I will inherit the true Golden Sage’s ability and become the perfect human being!” Kaizen shouted, his eyes grown large as his frustrations increased. Without his knowledge Mavardo had placed both of his hands flat against the floor with his fire enabled, slowly melting the metal below Kaizen’s feet.

After a moment Kaizen was able to feel the heat from underneath him and he jumped towards Mavardo, his dagger ready to land the finishing blow. The moment he was directly above Mavardo, a lighting strike pierced his chest, sending Kaizen stumbling backwards towards the melted floor. Mavardo raised his right hand, now in its earth form, and clenched his fist, the floor beneath Kaizen’s feet suddenly reformed, trapping both his feet and his lower legs into the floor. Mavardo slowly sat up, almost giggling to himself. Mavardo rose to his feet and picked up Kaizen’s second dagger, previously stuck in the ground from Kaizen’s earth column attack.

“Now what would master say if he saw the two of us fighting like this, Kaizen? Can’t you just imagine that old geezer’s voice lecturing us on how to get along and play nice? He never wanted it to come to this but at the same time I think he knew that one day one of us would die. There can only be one true heir to the Sage after all.” Mavardo said, with some sadness in his voice, “You were like a brother to me back then Kaizen and it’s for that reason that,” he paused, “I can’t kill you.”

Mavardo threw the dagger down to the ground and turned his back to Kaizen. He wiped some blood from his lip and started to walk towards the elevator, realizing that he could not go through with his original plan. Kaizen shouted out his name and Mavardo spun around, Kaizen had drawn the sword from his back and escaped from the earth prison. The sword went directly through Mavardo’s gut and he instantly spit out a massive amount of blood. Kaizen pulled his blade out from Mavardo and kicked his former friend down to the ground in a pool of his own blood. Kaizen sheathed his blade and walked around the room, picking up his daggers and sheathing them as well. Mavardo coughed up another significant amount of blood and tried to move but failed. Kaizen picked up his jacket and threw it over his shoulders. He looked down at Mavardo one last time, almost a look of regret on his face. Kaizen’s eyes returned to normal and he walked into a back room, the room that would become Ren Taylor’s cell in a few years.
Mavardo heard a door slam and a sly smile broke across his face. The wound that Kaizen had given him was not fatal, even though it damaged some of his internal organs he was able to move. Mavardo dragged himself towards the elevator and forced the door closed. He hit the button for the A floor and after a slight jerk the elevator began to move. Mavardo dragged himself to his feet, his entire body in pain from the damage Kaizen caused. Mavardo changed his breathing pattern to slow down his heart rate as the doors open, bodies of the dead guards Mavardo casually killed all over the floor. A single figure was standing in the door way to the exit and greeted Mavardo with a smile.

“I see that you got out of there in one piece,” Lucius said.

“Barely, as much fun as I had fighting him Kaizen’s gotten significantly stronger than me,” Mavardo replied as Lucius helped him out of the facility and towards the black car, the same one Lucius picked up Ren and Mavardo in years later. “Did you hear back from the United Nations yet? I can only hope they don’t think my idea for the school is completely insane.”

“Nothing back yet, but considering how crazy those old men are I can only imagine they will be completely against your idea.” Lucius said as he helped Mavardo into the passenger’s seat.

“Ah, well I’m sure we’ll get the school approved somehow. Either way I think I’m going to take a nap. Lucius, make sure no one follows us, OK?” Mavardo said before gently closing his eyes. Lucius smiled and closed the passenger side door before getting into the driver’s seat and driving away from The Asylum.


Lucius opened his eyes as the light of dawn broke through his office window. He had fallen asleep at his desk again, slightly drooling on the papers he had been working on through the night. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the calendar on his wall, squinting his eyes to confirm the date. A sly smile, similar to that of his now deceased friend and mentor, Mavardo, appeared across his face. Today was the day that the former S class members were supposed to arrive at The Asylum to break out Ren and take the school back from Kaizen and the United Nations.

In the two months during the students’ disappearance Kaizen had enforced even stricter curfew restrictions with students not allowed to roam the campus after the sun was down. Kaizen’s suspicion of Lucius during the past couple of months had also increased. Kaizen had already confronted Lucius once about the disappearance of the S class but Lucius pretended like he had no information about the students’ escape. Lucius’ door suddenly burst open and Aiten stormed into the office. Over the course of the past two months his hair had increased significantly in length, he was now able to wear it in a small ponytail. He also had small stubble across his face as if he was trying to grow a beard.

“Father wants to see you in his office immediately.” Aiten said. Lucius slowly nodded and walked out of the room, leading Aiten inside. Aiten waited for Lucius to disappear and closed the door gently. Aiten began to look around the office for any sort of clue about the whereabouts of his former classmates. Even though he had tried to murder all of them he had honestly missed Kirina. He hated to admit it but wanted to find her and bring her back just to make her belong to him. After her disappearance Aiten personally joined the initial search party but they were unable to find any clue of their whereabouts after a week. Kaizen forced Aiten to return to the school and help his brother while continuing to learn his standard academics. Lucius arrived on the third floor and entered, Kaizen was looking out the massive window that overlooked the school and slightly turned his head in acknowledgement of Lucius’ arrival.

“It’s been two months now since the S class disappeared and yet there are still no sign of them,” Kaizen said, his arms behind his back, “At this point I can only presume they are remaining in hiding but at the same time I still feel as if you know where they are.”

“I told you everything that I knew two months ago, headmaster.” Lucius replied, taking a firm defensive stance on the subject.

“Cut the crap Lucius, you helped them escape and I know you did.” Kaizen shouted, turning to face the vice principal, “Aiten is already searching your office for any information you might have and I can promise you that if you try anything funny I will personally kill you myself.”

“I’ll confess to nothing. Aiten won’t find a single thing in my office that will connect me to the disappearance of the S class.” Lucius replied without breaking eye contact with Kaizen. An evil smile broke out across Kaizen’s face and he walked over to his desk, where his sword was gently resting against the side.

“I thought I told you not to lie to me Lucius. After all that we’ve done to make this school reach its full potential you have to go and pull something like this over me. It really pisses me off that you’ve let those powerful brats out of my grip. I think it’s time that you took a little time off, Lucius.” Kaizen said while picking up his sword. Lucius couldn’t help but gulp slightly, suddenly realizing the situation that Kaizen had put him in. Lucius prepared to enter a fighting stance but suddenly Kaizen’s eyes changed to a glowing gold and he instantly sliced Lucius’ chest. Lucius coughed up blood and fell to his knees as the blood gushed to the floor from the wound Kaizen inflicted.

Lucius quickly placed both of his hands together and created a powerful electrical charge, similar to that of Raiden’s and barely blocked Kaizen’s second slice. However, the first slice had caused enough damage to lower Lucius’ reaction time. Lucius fell to his knees in pain once more and Kaizen chuckled, placing the tip of his sword against Lucius’ neck. Lucius grabbed Kaizen’s leg and sent a giant volt of lightning though Kaizen’s whole body, forcing him to drop his blade. Lucius took advantage of this moment and lunged for Kaizen’s chest with another lightning blast charged. However right as Lucius was in range a black lightning force field formed around Kaizen’s body and the lightning was discharged immediately. Kaizen laughed and made another massive cut across Lucius’ chest, now forming a giant X across it. Lucius fell backwards and gasped for air, realizing that his time was nearing its end.

“So that’s how you were able to kill Mavardo, that black lightning.” Lucius sputtered out in between massive coughs of blood.

“After you two visited me in The Asylum all those years ago I decided that I needed a way to counter the power of the elements that Mavardo cherished so much. I dedicated ten years of my life to ensure that I would have a way to make Mavardo bow to me! I studied the gene dedicated to the element power and finally formed a chemical reaction that was able to completely destroy it. But there was a catch of course, I had to find a way to harness that energy without destroying my own elemental capabilities and then after two more years of extensive research I was able to create a physical form of the chemical in the gloves that I’m wearing.” Kaizen explained, showing the gloves to the dying vice principal. “All it took then was working my way up the United Nations until finally I was promoted to the spot of being the chairman and finally I could take revenge on Mavardo for all that he’s done to me my entire life! I was going to kill Mavardo and take my rightful place as the heir to the Golden Sage!”

“So you really think that you’re unbeatable?” Lucius whispered, dying faster by the second.

“The only people that can stop me were you and Mavardo, but with him dead and you dying right before my eyes, I can definitely say that yes, I am unbeatable!” Kaizen shouted triumphantly.

“You keep on thinking that,” Lucius muttered, “But I’m sure that Ren Mavardo will… he’ll stop you.” Lucius said, with a slight twinkle in his eyes. Kaizen’s express changed quickly and he impaled Lucius directly in the heart, instantly killing him. After a moment Kaizen pulled out the blade and dropped it to the ground. Mavardo and Lucius, the two men that had almost stopped him in The Asylum many years ago had both been killed by his hands. He had finally achieved his goal. Aiten and Hiruma entered the room and noticed the dead body. Their father was sitting behind his desk, staring at what he had done with a giant smile on his face.

“Father, I wasn’t able to recover any information on the whereabouts of the S class in Lucius’ office.” Aiten said, to which Kaizen simply nodded in response. Hiruma cleared his throat and spoke next.

“I did however receive a call from the Asylum.” He said. Kaizen locked eyes with his older son and leaned forward.

“Is something wrong?” Kaizen asked curiously.

“It appears that the facility is under attack by four unknown assailants.” Hiruma continued, “It is believed that they are indeed the former S class members attempting to free Ren Mavardo from the G floor.”

“Interesting, so two months later they finally revealed themselves and they are doing something so ballsy? Well then, I’m sure that Warden Iizuka will take care of them before they get close to Ren. After all, besides you two he is the only person who I taught personally.” Kaizen said with a sly smirk.
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