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Default PC vs. Xbox and PS3, what's your opinion

Watch the THREE VIDEOS and answer the questions or reply to their opinions.

PC vs. Console Part 1

PC vs. Console Part 2

PC vs. Console Part 3

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- Let me start off where I stand, as most of you know me will know I'll say PC over console, even though I do game on console TOO. I've only logged on my 360 about 5 times since I bought it last October lmfao.

- Competitive gaming, I have to give this to PC, there are TONS of PRO gaming events. Intel Extreme Masters, DreamHack, QuakeCon, eSports, mouseSports, and tons of others. Seems to be a lot more than just MLG or Gamebattles (if they even play for money),

- Stores : Xbox store is amazing I could spend all day buying arcade games, but Steam has SO MANY sales, just like incredibleOrb said in the video, I get baited to buy a lot of games I haven't even played yet. Last fall I probably bought about 40 games and haven't even downloaded half of them because they were dirt cheap. I bought both max paynes for 2 dollars, both BioShocks for 9 dollars, both DeadSpace games for 11 dollars, I'm sad I missed out on the Grand Theft Auto collection for 16 dollars (entire series), iD and Valve complete collection for under 100 dollars. I would say the PC games are so much cheaper than console games so I give this to PC too.

- Costs : Console would win this category by just being cheaper universally, but very narrow win these days I would say. To get a PC that can perform JUST LIKE a console, you could build one for just as much or even cheaper than a 360 or PS3. There is a myth that PC gaming would cost you more than $2000 to start, when in reality it's more like $250 (if you know how to shop online and build it yourself) to about $1,200. Still fairly expensive if you want something decent. But what you get is something that will look better, play smoother and just have more quality, and if you built it yourself, maybe something unique and personal. Also the systems requirements are a bit misleading, you can adjust the graphic settings so that it's able to play on any system. My 6 year old PC played every game I threw at it until I built this PC I'm using last year.

- Casual Gamers : To me = more noobs, people who rarely play or just play for absolute fun, which isn't bad at all, but it can ruin a game also if it's a team based game. Also more "casual" gamers can also give the illusion that someone is good. The only time I can even notice this is when there is a steam sale or a free weekend for a game. They than give me a TON of free kills haha. but yeah, since the console is cheaper it seems to have more players who don't seem to have as much skill. Not saying that EVERY PC player is god, but just saying there isn't as much. I noticed how many bad players there are when I go to play with my friends and family on the 360. I'm like.... I can't believe they let me have that kill or what were they doing? haha.

- Which brings me to the "annoying kids" of xbox live and psn. Because again, the consonles are cheaper the parents are probaly more willing to buy them this stuff. WHen I'm on XBL, i'ts NON STOP annoying kid after annoying kid (not all of them though, there were only a couple per match). On PC I hear adults mostly, actually that's all I hear. Maybe once every month or two , I'll hear the 5 year old kid who can't shut up lol.

- Skill : I would say the higher skill is on PC. Why? LIke I told you I've been on BOTH console and PC. When I'm on PC, I'll say I'm in the upper 40% I'm NOT the best, but I'm better than the average player (trying NOT to ride my own nuts, honest lol), I'm always getting accused of hacking. Ok back on track. When I first tried console last year, I won't like I was moving and aiming awkward, but I was still catching 3rd and 4th place every match sometimes even getting 1st place. I noticed that auto aim assist was SUPER HIGH on console too, sometimes I'd just fire my gun and it tried to follow some guy running. But I've played guys on PC who not ONLY aim incredible (ZERO aim assist on PC), but they also move SO MUCH FASTER, bobbing and weaving, doing crazy jumps, getting twitch shots, quickscoping, swapping guns, reload glitching etc. going on rampages and killing sprees. I have never bumped into any player on console on those guys level (Quake Arena,MW1,MW2, BFBC2,BLOPS, Halo etc. I've been around, believe me. I've owned 3 360's)

- Cross platforming : I would LIKE to see it , if only for one generation of consoles JUST to but an end to the controller vs. mouse /kb battle haha. But I think it would be SOOO FUN too, like I mentioned earlier, I play with friends AND family on my 360. If I could lend them my 360 and I'd log into my PC, it'd just be good, because that would make for ONE HUGE community. MILLIONS of players merging together. But on the other hand, Dreamcast did this (a few times I think) and ALSO did native mouse and keyboard compatibility and the advantage so bad that they'd recieved ALOT of complaints about unfair advantages (I can only imagine a controller player in Quake III ARena vs. a PC player youtube seach quake movement and see WHY). Microsoft also attempted this in the 360 tests before it was released and they also removed native mouse and keyboard support because of the unfair advantage they had. But this would also be true the OTHER WAY around when it comes to something like fighting games or platformers. I LOL my ass of of I had to try and do a hadoken w/ a mouse and k/b :P, but like the one guy said, a low end PC player might be at a disadvantage if he was getting low Frames Per Second while the console player was @ a stead 30-60 FPS.

- Mods and DLC : PC wins this simply because mods are free and can be hella fun, the mods often inspire official modes in the next release in the series. Custom player models, custom maps, custom modes, custom weapons, custom sounds, custom everything. The biggest community's that embraced mods was Quake World 1,2,3,4,Live (Valve and Team Fortress were born from Quake, so was Counter Strike etc.), Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike 1.6 / CS : Source, Left 4 Dead 1,2, Call of Duty 4, Halo (PC version), Starcraft , Elderscrolls, Skyrim, Doom series the list goes on and on.

DLC on the other hand is always overpriced (often 25% the price of a full game, but only provides about 2% worth of content), I realize this is for BOTH PC and console, but since UT3 is the only console game that supports any mods w/out having to hack a hard drive. I'll have to give the advantage to the PC.

- Hackers : I think this is where console players blur, I see they tend to call "modders" hackers. Like people who change the gameset rules (gravity and game speed etc.), but I'd say it's probably the worst aspect of PC gaming. There are blatant hackers and those kind of hackers who try to hide that they are hacking (worst kind IMO often trying to compete in clan matches etc.) LIke I said before, I've been accused of hacking alot, but ONLY in CoD, in Quake, they call me meh, average, but in CoD, I'm "the hacker". Even though I report every hacker I see, and I also f*ck with hackers (I should make a video about this). I love making hackers rage by trolololling them w/ riot shield. but they get mass banned on steam, but they always come back weeks or a month later and rinse and repeat.

As for prestige hackers (both console and PC), I don't respect them. These are the kinds of players who continously accuse people of hacking or they just want to give off the illusion of skill. But I can see where they are coming from SORT of, it is a bit of work unlocking everything, but if you just did this all manually, it would make them a BETTER PLAYER which is what it was designed for in the first place, to make people explore all the options and see what they are good at, and what they like to use. So no, no respect for prestige hackers even though they are mostly harmless.

Bonus question, watch all three of these videos closely, how do you guys rate him against some console player who is supposedly good? Post up a xjawz video or someone else you know of that is either on the 360 or PS3 (or Wii lol). Do you see any difference? IMO, I can see a huge difference, especially in movemnt. And considering there is NO AIM ASSIST, his aim is nasty. Me myself, probably would have cried hacks against this guy, but he does live commentary on twitch.com all the time and also on his YouTube channel. After hearing his long history in PC gaming, I'd just have to say he's just skilled, probably the only CoD player I look up to, the rest are Quake, BF,CounterStrike players.
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