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  1. Hillary Clinton drops out of the Presidential race!
  2. If You Are GAY, Then You Are Born GAY
  3. Shopper forced into car and raped.
  4. 4 Detained by Philly PD and Homeland Security for Petitioning Against Police Surveill
  5. U.S. Economy goes down....again:(
  6. 85 year old gets raped...by a teenager!
  7. 17 girls want to get pregnant by a homeless guy
  8. The biggest news in Sweden right now!
  9. Abortion....legal or illegal?
  10. 2 yr old found dead
  11. Kid hangs himself after parents take Nintendo Wii off him.
  12. Breasts have electricity?
  13. A Study finds long Benefit in Illegal Mushroom Drug
  14. Teen Dies In Dad's Arm After Lost for 42 Days
  15. Sequel to the "Biggest news in Sweden"
  16. New world's happiest country!
  17. Google is forced to give out user information to Viacom
  18. same sex marrige legal or illegal?
  19. Man who use to be women has baby, but is this really a miracal
  20. Switzerland
  21. 70 Year Old Indian woman became the world’s oldest mom after giving birth to twin's
  22. This Is Crazy!
  23. School closed down for a reported Ninja Sighting
  24. Woman crashes into store then tries to buy beer
  25. hilary's torcher mistakes
  26. man loses 65 mil wining loto ticket!
  27. "I want to cut his (Barack Obama's) nuts off"
  28. everybody go on chatbox tomorow at 5
  29. Fans arrested at WWE July PPV
  30. Russia planning to ban emo music?
  31. Bill to Restrict Teen Passes
  32. gay teen got killed in a middle school
  33. Kid goes berserk on a pit bull!
  34. Should You Care About Comics (Mangas)?
  35. Topher makes Saiyan Island history! Breaks a record!
  36. Teen Suspended over Names in Death Note in school
  37. 'Joker' accused of trying to steal Batman items
  38. Legalize p0t?
  39. Loose Weight While You Sit on Your Big Butt!
  40. Obama Rejects Ludacris' Hot Rhymes
  41. Pig Born With a Monkey's Face
  42. Strange Creature found on New York Shore
  43. Do you think cellphones cause cancer
  44. Dog Gives Birth To Human Like Creature
  45. College Teacher Shows Students How to be Hackers
  46. JetPack.... kinda
  47. McDonald's to Change Dollar Menu
  48. Great comedian and actor, Bernie Mac dies
  49. Girl, 4 years old, hangs herself with hairband 'as she copies TV cartoon'
  50. Stupid cops kill dogs!
  51. Man shoots kid intruders on his property
  52. Olympic girl apparently not cute enough for TV
  53. Globe-trotting lawn gnome arrives home
  54. Spanish team Olympics (Racist?)
  55. Employee Takes Bath in Burger King Sink
  56. No Shounen Jump this week
  57. The SaiyanIsland Times (FIRST EDITION!!!)
  58. Wake up people: subminal messages
  59. English Only? Hispanic's Not Allowed in NYC Schools?
  60. Woman Attempts To Kidnap Ex-Virtual Boyfriend
  61. Saiyan Island now has officially 2000 members!
  62. Lady throws Acid at her neighbors
  63. As if Simon wasn't enough, now they have 4!
  64. Couple wins lottery 4 TIMES!!!
  65. girl dies of skin cancer because of the sun
  66. Comcast Limits Internet Usage
  67. The SaiyanIsland Times (Second Edition)
  68. Hurricane Gustav
  69. huracaine fay
  70. Gustav hits La. towns, brushes New Orleans
  71. Woman Found Guilty of Microwaving Baby
  72. Greatest Actor Of All Time And His Death
  73. Remember little boys and girls, never to take candy from strangers!
  74. ohayocon
  75. Fighting with Russia spreads to cities across Georgia RUssia invasion?
  76. The world ends on wednsday people!
  77. Man Eats Big Mac... 23,000 of them
  78. Possible cure for mrsa found!
  79. God Bless the USA
  80. Hackers attacked the Large Hadron Collider
  81. The 'Porno' actress playing Laura Bush
  82. Attack Kills 7 at Mexican Independence Day Celebration
  83. Candy Shop Drug Front Gets Not-So-Sweet Surprise
  84. Baggy pants ban 'unconstitutional'
  85. Heart fears over common chemical
  86. New York City predicted to be hit by a huge hurricane in 2008
  87. New poll: Obama leads over McCain.
  88. Stupid medics tryed to fry a prawn on a dead man's chin
  89. Election 08'
  90. police officers take advantage of drunk woman
  91. Travis Barker in critical condition after plane crash
  92. The Next Great Depression. Is Now.
  93. Corruption Perceptions Index 2008
  94. A cellphone that can unclock a car and start the engine
  95. Bush Speaks to the Nation about the $700,000,000 Bailout
  96. Pakistani troops fire at U.S. soldiers!
  97. Fifth Grader suspended for wearing Anti-Obama Shirt
  98. Eid Mubarak
  99. Mom Tells Cops Icy Bodies in Freezer Are Her Kids
  100. Bush warning over bail-out delay
  101. screamed in delight at winning £7m on the EuroMillions lottery.
  102. 'Iceman' row ends after 17 years
  103. A caregiver shot to death!
  104. A gang of 20 immigrants brutally abused 2 girls because they were swedes
  105. This is F'ed Up Read
  106. This is why you should go for a high education!
  107. O.J. Simpson guilty on all counts in armed robbery trial
  108. China 'spying on Skype messages'
  109. More Mexican 'gang' victims found
  110. Death crash footballer is jailed
  111. **** Fox News
  112. cry::cry:Boxer was casualty of smoking row
  113. Cambodian couple cut home in half
  114. Is anybody listening out there?
  115. CCTV shows Evans breaking into the car
  116. Japan police release naked bather
  117. American v British teeth
  118. Man arrested in Taunton bakery fire
  119. Acorn
  120. New Species of Salamander?
  121. 12 Year Old Girl Brawl!
  122. Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex.
  123. man faces attempted murder charges
  124. Man Breaks Into Home To Charge Cell Phone
  125. 17 Year Old Charged in Assult
  126. Woman Kills Her Virtual Spouse
  127. Joe McCain is all right IMO :P
  128. Not the Best Mom in the World...
  129. Shooting @ University of Central Arkansas
  130. Killing Spree Attempt and Assasination Attempt on Obama...
  131. heroin bust
  132. Smoking & Sniffing Smarties
  133. How gay is this
  134. 5th Grader Suspended for making Halloween Mask
  135. Shooter feared trick-or-treater was robber...
  136. Sarah Palin Prank Called by two Canadian commedians
  137. Man has sex with deer corpse.....
  138. President Barack Obama
  139. Barack Obama's New....
  140. how would u like to die like this??
  141. Smexy Teacher Strips For Her Pupils!
  142. girl tries to attract attention
  143. Batman Sues Batman ... o.O'
  144. Paula Goodspeed found dead
  145. Worst Idea Ever: Ridley Scott is Directing Monopoly
  146. 50 Ways To Spend the Trillion Dollars We've Spent on Iraq
  147. my cousin high school football star for his team
  148. man stuck on toilet!!!
  149. Los Angeles fears blackouts as wildfire burns
  150. They have made a cure for AIDS
  151. Aunt charged in real-life 'Cinderella abuse story'
  152. Horseplay-Caused Thumb Injury at McCracken Middle School
  153. Youtube L!VE: Countdown!
  154. Teen Commits Suicide Live on Web
  155. Obama's FCC Chief Plays WoW!
  156. My fellow americans...
  157. Meteor on cop's dash cam
  158. Mimic Robot
  159. Axel Rose Fail
  160. Couple take on the EU.
  161. Somebody need smex...
  162. Terrorist attacks in Mumbai
  163. Astronauts Can Celebrate Thanksgiving,Too
  164. Otakon 2008 Fansubs Panel(SI Mentioned for .5 secs)
  165. Sugar found in space o.O
  166. Toys "R" Us Shooting
  167. James Randi explains Homeopathy
  168. Man trampled at Walmart
  169. Cop BS
  170. Court orders Iranian man blinded
  171. Bad News For Man Vs. Wild Fans
  172. Man convicted over repeat horse sex
  173. 3 Dead in F-18 Crash
  174. Unwritten History?? Unbelievable...
  175. Police: Child's Remains Belong to Missing Caylee Anthony Is 'an Assumption'
  176. Superintendent Decided By Dice Roll
  177. Music used as torture in Guantanamo Bay
  178. Pizza Guy Owns Teens With Pizza
  179. Woman had to go to the bathroom. #1 or #2?
  180. Police called to free wife from sexy handcuffs
  181. President Bush Gets Shoes Thrown At Him
  182. American Soldiers to Serve as Local Law Enforcement
  183. Phoenix Baseline killer
  184. Teen sentenced to 49 years for murder, robbery
  185. Caylee Anthony's Bones Found!!
  186. Man Flies From Dallas to Tulsa to Get a Hair Cut
  187. Oil Really Does Grow on Trees
  188. Christmas massacre claims 9 lives in Southern California
  189. Wife sets man's balls on fire. Man dies.
  190. Chemistry Student Arrested for Home Lab
  191. Toddler Crushed By TV on Christmas EVe
  192. Celestial Show Set for New Year's Eve
  193. Woman didn't notice she gave birth in a toilet
  194. GaZ....A
  195. HS Athletic Trainer Arrested on Sex Charges
  196. Canadian baby
  197. Israel invades Gaza Strip (Palestinian Territory)
  198. Female bomber at Shiite shrine in Baghdad kills 38
  199. Jeff Travolta dead
  200. Indonesia Earthquake/Guatemala Land Slide
  201. Man kills 4 year olds mother!
  202. 13% of Americans are Illiterate
  203. Listerine Raises Risk of Cancer
  204. Police looking for robbery suspect
  205. man sells his 14 year old daughter for food and beer
  206. Anti-government rioting hits Riga
  207. Insane nerd shoots his parents because he wasn't allowed to play Halo 3
  208. Chinese boy in China gets cheeks ripped off for not doing homework
  209. Obama Vs Bin Laden
  210. kid is named after adolf hitler and taken away from home
  211. Plane lands in Hudson River!
  212. Poor South Carolina
  213. Pro-Lifers Protesting "Abortion" Donuts
  214. Salmonella found in Peanut Butter
  215. The inauguration
  216. Guantanamo Bay to be closed
  217. Obama's first strike
  218. Is it true about Monster?
  219. British TV Show Host Gets Hate Mail
  220. Immortality Found!
  221. Banned from Band for waving at Obama ... o.O
  222. Bart Simpson Promotes Scientology
  223. Girl Accused of Witchcraft (in America)
  224. Oh Dear...
  225. ObamaGasm!
  226. Antibacterial Soaps: Unnecessary Risks, No Benefits
  227. Arrested for Texas Hold 'em
  228. And I thought only America was stupid
  229. Porn film interrupts Super Bowl
  230. Adult Industry Asking for Bailout
  231. gaming industry
  232. Titanoboa Cerrejonensis, prehistoric boa?!
  233. Play more video games.
  234. Michael Phelps caught with pot
  235. Olbermann to Cheney, "GTFO!"
  236. I Hate Florida
  237. Jennifer Figge, 56, Becomes First Woman to Swim Atlantic
  238. Fire Devastates Victoria, Australia.
  239. Floods swarm north Queensland, Australia.
  240. Delivery.
  241. Chris Brown's Career Is OVER...
  242. 13 Yr Old Becomes a Father -.-
  243. Wii-rage man holds family hostage
  244. Miley Cyrus getting sued by the asian community
  245. Textual Misconduct
  246. French Spider-man Strikes Again
  247. Chimps gone wild
  248. **** You Washington State
  249. Mayor Bernero tears into Fox News Anchor
  250. Paterson's latest budget cuts skip health care, schools