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  1. Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan
  2. Favorite Character
  3. Official Couple Thread
  4. Unfair
  5. Sasuke is Overpowerful
  6. Least Favorite Naruto Characters.
  7. Uchiha sasuke
  8. Favorite Gennin vs. Gennin match in the first Naruto Series
  9. Got Naruto Anime Questions? Post them here!!!!!!!!!
  10. Favorite Jutsu
  11. whats happen 2 pain
  12. Naruto is still a Genin..
  13. New Characters
  14. What about Jiraiya?
  15. Epic Battles
  16. Mangekyou
  17. new naruto shippuden character
  18. Who Would Win?
  19. y dis sasuke yyyyyyyy
  20. why doesn't naruto use his kyuubi powers anymore?
  21. Where do the summonigs go afterwords?
  22. hokage
  23. Dream battles
  24. Favorite Sound Ninja 5
  25. Sereis is/isnt ending
  26. Strongest Character??
  27. Weakest Ninja ever????
  28. Formulate Naruto face-offs... 01
  29. Official Naruto Mugen thread
  30. Tailed Beasts
  31. Narutos Secret Jutsu
  32. Naruto With Itachi's Power
  33. missin-ninja
  34. Will Naruto Learn The Flying Thunder God Jutsu?
  35. The ultimate showdown
  36. Whos ass would you like to kick more?
  37. Character exchange
  38. Tobi Is Madara
  39. Akatsuki
  40. Shino's eyes
  41. What has Naruto been doing?
  42. What about the code Jiraiya left?
  43. Sasuke/Tobi
  44. Who Hates Sasuke
  45. About Tobi-Madara/Obito Theories
  46. Naruto: The Abridged Series
  47. kakashi gaiden
  48. good and bad
  49. naruto complete kyuubi form
  50. The name is Pein
  51. awsome battle
  52. Is Jiraiya dead...?
  53. Naruto vs DBZ
  54. Who thinks Sasuke and Sakura ♥
  55. most perverted
  56. Just to quickly point something out...
  57. Ho guys i got a new answer for the code
  58. Who's The Strongest Hokage!?
  59. Will Naruto go to Myouboku Mountain?
  60. Bonds
  61. Who would win in shippuden Neji or Rock lee?
  62. The 4th Hokage.
  63. If you could change 1 thing...
  64. Do you believe Jiraiya is dead?
  65. Is Sasuke gay?!:eek:
  66. Who or what is Orochimaru?
  67. Conclusion?
  68. 1st and 2nd
  69. Zetsu
  70. Naruto TCG
  71. Naruto-Personality*Ninja Wise vs Latent potential
  72. Madara And Kisame
  73. American Naruto openings?
  74. Naruto RP have fun...
  75. Will Naruto and Sasuke die?
  76. zetsu
  77. Who is stronger?
  78. Anti-Uchiha Sasuke Essay, Theory, and Thread Contest!
  79. Best Naruto fight ever.....that happened
  80. favorite akatsuki member??
  81. my anti-sasuke essay
  82. Who do you think would win? Naruto 4 tails, or Sasukes Mangekyo Sharingan?
  83. Whats up With Jiriya's Secret Code!
  84. Uchiha
  85. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm PS3
  86. I think Naruto may be Nobility!?
  87. Okay...who is the strongest?!?!?!?!?!
  88. Kabuto Yakushi
  89. Narsaku vs NaruHina
  90. How long will Naruto be?
  91. Naruto's bloodline limit, what can you think up!?
  92. Naruto's Secret new jutsu Itachi gave him?
  93. Make a NAruto ninja
  94. Will the Kyuubi be taken from Naruto?
  95. Naruto is not gay......
  96. What would of Sasuke done after killing Itachi?
  97. After Shippuden
  98. !Sasuke's Coup D' etat on Konoha!
  99. Naruto Pilot
  100. what naruto character r u?
  101. Speculations ; May Spoil ; Caution
  102. N00bs of Naruto
  103. If you love naruto come here
  104. Whats your prediction on Naruto Chapter 403?
  105. How do you think naruto will end?
  106. Pein and Madara vs. Sasuke and Naruto.
  107. Who Hates People Who Like To Debate Who's Gay In Naruto?
  108. Kanoha should have a martial arts tournament
  109. Could Madara be Obito Uchiha?
  110. Naruto-Inuyasha
  111. A chance to go to the naruto world
  112. anyone know how naruto dug that hole so fast when he fought neji
  113. Click here if you hate those who complain about sasuke
  114. Poll: Which charater you like to most?
  115. create your own jutsu
  116. qestion about shadow clones?
  117. What jobs would Naruto Characters have in the real world?
  118. Naruto VS. The Nine-Tails!!
  119. hmmms will naruto understand
  120. wat will happen if pain attacks konoha
  121. will sasuke help leaf with the battle of pain
  122. who would u pick
  123. Official Naruto Manga Complaint's Thread
  124. Naruto Mother ALIVE!!!!
  125. creat ur own origanal charecter that should be in naruto
  126. What do the Naruto Characters think of you?
  127. If you guys like akatsuki come on in and chat about everything you like about them!!!
  128. narutos and sakuras baby would be The strongest kid ever
  129. Minato Namikaze,Hashirama Senju,Madara Uchiha,Pain,Ninetails
  130. What if Gaara was the good jinchuuriki and Naruto was the corrupted jinchuuriki.
  131. Goku vs Naruto...who will win?
  132. Who would win?
  133. What is up with eye techniques
  134. Danzou's Face
  135. Favorite Villain
  136. How do YOU spell pain/pein/paine/paen?
  137. kakashi...genjutsu?
  138. what's your favorite filler?
  139. Strongest Villain
  140. who do you think kakashi sensei likes
  141. Death of a generation.
  142. ino and sakura
  143. Which Hokage is your favorite?
  144. who is the best charecter in naruto
  145. Naruto Shippuuden on Adult Swim Patition.
  146. What would you rather? Week 1
  147. Do you think there will be a big fight between Sasuke and Naruto?
  148. Favorite Jutsu
  149. Who Do You Think Had It The Worst?
  150. Sasuke's Mangekyou?
  151. Naruto VS Bleach
  152. Create your own kekei genkai!!!!
  153. what do u think naruto is guna learn in da sage trainin
  154. What do you think a naruto character would be listening to?????
  155. whats your jutsu
  156. will pain use jiraya's body?
  157. is sasuke really evil?
  158. naruto coming to a end
  159. The Juugo Thread-Guys Or Girls?
  160. Elements
  161. What sort of power did itachi give naruto?
  162. Who would you want as your sibling?
  163. Deidara's arms...?
  164. Who would be your BFF!!!
  165. what is ur fav naruto movie
  166. Why is the manga diffrent from the show???
  167. how come no one...
  168. how old is madara?
  169. who do you think..
  170. Guys of Naruto and Bleach(For the Fan-Girls of Saiyanisland Forums)
  171. Most Overpowered Villain
  172. jutsu of death
  173. Who here thinks 'Naruto' series should change its name?
  174. is sasuke coming back to konoha for good after shippuuden movie 2
  175. who is the strongest person in akatsuk
  176. kirin vs rasengan
  177. Anbu
  178. Why doesnt naruto get stronger
  179. who do u think the naruto characters will get with?
  180. Whut do you think of my Naruto Got Milk? Parody?
  181. DATTEBAYO! What's your fave catch phrase in any anime
  182. naruto manga colored
  183. Tell me, who do you think Naruto will marry?
  184. Tell me ur fav Naruto fight
  185. Who r he rest of the seven swordsman of the mist
  186. Which nauto characters would you like to see fight the most
  187. Naruto ending
  188. The Future of Naruto (SPOLER ALERT!!!)
  189. What if.....
  190. a day in kohona
  191. I've always wondered about Anko
  192. naruto hokage
  193. What would happen if...
  194. About Pein's Secret
  195. which would win
  196. Stongest
  197. Naruto Chapter: [409] Help with names
  198. [Truth] Gai is twat
  199. wats up with sasuke?
  200. Village hidden in the clouds
  201. execute a character
  202. A Death In Team Hawk
  203. Why Sasuke left konoha
  204. the greatest shinobi of all time Uzumaki Naruto
  205. Mr. Eight Tails Host
  206. Sharingan
  207. Your Idead About Naruto's New Jutsus
  208. Is Kakashi Hatake fit for Hokage??
  209. Will Naruto become Hokage
  210. Narutos new outfit
  211. Random Naruto Question
  212. If you were in sasuke's shoes what would you do?
  213. Who else here is angry about, dissapointments
  214. Best anime fights
  215. For the sharingan!!!!???
  216. Who really won out of naruto and sasuke fight
  217. Sai?
  218. The second hokage
  219. when is the new chap. gonna be out
  220. If you like tenten come here
  221. Who Guys Think That Obito And Tobi Are One!!
  222. Will Lee ever change?
  223. A Coincidence?
  224. Hey Guys You Think Jiraiya is Still Alive!!
  225. Who Guys Agree That Sasuke will Save Naruto Someday Or Ideas what will happen
  226. Revelation about Sasuke's group Hawk
  227. ninja animals
  228. Hinata
  229. Will Naruto and Sasuke die if so who will kill them?
  230. Naruto!!!
  231. mis-pronouceiation
  232. Can Naruto defeat Pain?
  233. Sharingan...
  234. naruto sage training
  235. Naruto- English Names?
  236. Who loves Shikamaru?
  237. Do you perfer manga or anime
  238. naruto's hair
  239. Pain's body
  240. Another Time Skip?
  241. Who Is Your Favorite Naruto Character and Why?
  242. Your Guess About Who will be facing pein and who will die facing him!!
  243. Which Naruto Characters got the best/coolest outfit?
  244. Coolest Clan
  245. naruto in full hermit mode with an xtra layerin of.....kyubi chakra!!!:D
  246. is sasuke gonna die 0.0
  247. Naruto Is A Computer Glitch
  248. Is Sasuke really dead?
  249. The cover
  250. Itachi and Sasuke