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  1. Final Deaths
  2. Tobi
  3. Yakushi Kabuto...
  4. Future Must-See Battles
  5. Truth about Tobi(Madara), Orochimarus last secret!
  6. a few theories
  7. shadow clones?
  8. 2 theories
  9. Hashirama and Madara
  10. Yandoime and Madara 2 great techniques collide!
  11. Team 7's Ultimate Pwnage
  12. Madara being the mizukage struck me with a idea
  13. Tranferred powers
  14. Shino's chakra: legendary?
  15. past or present or future
  16. Kakashi will die by the hand of...
  17. Sharingan + Byakugan = The _____
  18. Gaara's guord
  19. Coded Message and Sage of Six Path's Relation to Pein
  20. Naruto the protector of Konoha
  21. Kabuto Revisited
  22. Naruto is gonna learn to throw his rasenshuriken
  23. The code on the back of the frog might mean...
  24. naruto future rinnegan holder
  25. Incomplete Jutsu..uchiha's gift
  26. Naruto the 6th Hokage
  27. Kakashi and the 8 gates!
  28. Naruto's REAL strength!
  29. Cushina-rival of the Yandoime
  30. what power did itachi give naruto?
  31. Naruto's Affinities
  32. Rock Lee's Father
  33. Sasuke's new sharingan?
  34. Who Dies?
  35. Sasuke's Mangekyou Secret
  36. Uzimake
  37. *Enter this thread if you like SPOILERS*
  38. Naruto spinoffs?
  39. Kurenei and Asuma's child
  40. Will there be a Naruto part 3???
  41. What will happen with Kabuto?
  42. Who's comming back?
  43. Naruto to hokage?
  44. Crack Endings!!!!
  45. Itachi- Estimation-I'll let u judge
  46. rakiri vs rasengan
  47. Will Naruto be killed of?
  48. Naruto & Kakashi’s Deaths...
  49. J-mans code are japanese letters.
  50. Danzou = Tobi?
  51. what will asuma and kurenai kid be like
  52. Kakashi's father!!!
  53. Madara's plans...
  54. Tailed beasts
  55. Will Sasuke succed in his Coup D'etat!?!
  56. Sasuke's Plans
  57. The Last Akatsuki Member
  58. New Akatsuki Members?
  59. Nagato/ Pein theory
  60. Zetsu's power
  61. Kishi had evrything planned from the start
  62. narutos power
  63. The Byakugan is possible!
  64. What would the other rasengans be?
  65. Death Note:Light Yagami dies?!
  66. kakashis sharingan
  67. what are they doing with itachis corpse?
  68. naruto: the ultimate badass
  69. The 8-Tailed Beast O.oSASUKEo.O
  70. Kurosaki, Isshin
  71. The History Of The Uchiha{2 Good Not 2 Read}
  72. Naruto as Hokage whould end up in disaster!
  73. if the nine tail fox spirit is inside of naruto what happened to its body
  74. Ninja rankings
  75. What were the jounin's childhoods like?
  76. Will Akatsuki ever change?
  77. another naruto hundo??
  78. Pain?! Code?!
  79. New manga help theroy
  80. peins secret
  81. Orochimaru - his childhood and growth
  82. The Fourth Was Sick!
  83. could danzo be obito?
  84. Naruto the protector of Konoha
  85. Narutos Clan Symbol !!!
  86. Kakashi Arc?
  87. Channeling energy
  88. The imperial regalia of Japan
  89. Zetsu
  90. Sasuke is a real member
  91. Kakashi similar to...
  92. All Sharingan
  93. itachi's mangekyo
  94. Mongakyo There's a right way and a wrong way....I think
  95. Why doesn't Pein..
  96. The jounin will all die!!!
  97. Might Oro have wanted the Rin'negan?
  98. Kabuto's Return?
  99. What about all the other Naruto people?
  100. Akatsuki and New Akatskui
  101. the rinnegan is nothing special!!!!!!!!!
  102. The Next Uchiha Survivor.
  103. What about the past?
  104. Naruto more power...
  105. sarutobi family?
  106. kakashi gaiden?
  107. Sensai's
  108. Orichimaru's forbidden jutsu- impure ressurection
  109. kakashi's sharingan
  110. who is this girl ???
  111. tobia and sasuke
  112. Who do you think will become the next hokage
  113. Why did Tobi...
  114. If What Fukasaku said was true, Naruto will die!?
  115. Wich death is more important?
  116. Naruto's Next Element
  117. Is Masashi Kishimoto in the Yakuza?
  118. The Next Element
  119. The fate of the Naruto characters - Who lives, who dies, etc.
  120. sasuke vs madara?
  121. Gaara's Significant other?
  122. Naruto Shippuden TO END?
  123. how does madara's face actully look like?
  124. Rasenshuriken!
  125. What would Sasuke have done?
  126. narutos rasengan and element chakra
  127. senju clan alive???
  128. Jiraiya Dieing Message meaning
  129. naruto reverse jutsu
  130. Doas it annoy you that naruto never dies let me know what you think
  131. Who wOuld win in a fight against pain and madara?
  132. If Naruto dies who becomes Hokage
  133. Sasuke Is Truly Evil!
  134. Who would win between team Gai and team Kakashi?
  135. Another Way...?
  136. more madara is obito proof
  137. mangekyou
  138. Naruto and whats happens during training and wether he will fight paen
  139. O.K. Don't kill me but I have a theory.....
  140. Mizukage Assassination
  141. Naruto Live Movie Cast
  142. kakashi vs. tsunade
  143. What do you think the power that Itatchi gave Naruto is?
  144. Amaterasu
  145. New techniques naruto can learn in a week!
  146. Kushina Uzumaki:A mothers bond
  147. Ok peOple i have a theory:cool:
  148. naruto learning about his father and techniques
  149. Naruto's potential,and Sage training might fail
  150. do you think sasuke will turn good?
  151. Sasuke Ems???!!!
  152. Team 10 vs. Team 8. Who would win?
  153. Naruto's Relatives
  154. Kisame's Sage Training!
  155. ok this may sound odd but..SUIGETSU...SAI?!
  156. Neji vs Sasuke and Kisame vs Suigetsu
  157. Why hasn't anyone told naruto bout his parents?
  158. I have a theory, so don't attack me!!!
  159. Madara's Immortality
  160. I tihnk the eight tail bijuu is an octopus!
  161. Multiple Rasengans
  162. What happened do Lee's parents?
  163. naruto must have family
  164. Do you think the lack of the CS is affecting Sasuke?
  165. number eight?!?
  166. Toad Sage's prophecy(Nagato/Jirayai theory)
  167. Naruto vs Sasuke
  168. Who of the main Naruto heroes are going to die?
  169. Kill Madara ... HOW?
  170. do you think sasuke will turn good yes or no
  171. Baby Naruto
  172. naruto will kill sasuke or sasuke will naruto at the end of the show
  173. Madara and Danzou are working together!
  174. just wondering
  175. Original use of the Byakugon origen of Huuga
  176. Will sasuke go blind?
  177. Just a short random theory...
  178. Orochimaru is now immortal
  179. After Naruto Shippuuden ends?
  180. The 4th vs. Pein!
  181. new op
  182. Isn't there one missing Akatsuki member?
  183. The big fight between Naruto and Pein.
  184. Tailed beasts question
  185. Origions of the hiddan Villages, a theory
  186. Gaara.
  187. Fillers:Less of a theory more of a question
  188. wood element
  189. chapter 370????????
  190. Who is Pein honestly? What abilities do the Rinnegan hold?
  191. THE fights of Oro vs Sasuke and Sasuke vs Itachi
  192. Juugo fusing with sasuke
  193. Tailed beasts
  194. I think I got a relatively good theory...
  195. New and improved Naruto vs Sakura
  196. Theory: Sasuke and Naruto together
  197. Final Rasengan
  198. 9 tails summoned
  199. Narutos Control
  200. 4th hokage theory
  201. theory about the minato a.k.a the 4th
  202. yahiko or juugo
  203. The Truth about the Rokudou: Pein's 6 Forms = 6 Riko Jizos
  204. Orochimaru and The Hidden Sound.
  205. Reload this Page The Truth About the 6th Element in the Narutoverse
  206. The Death God jutsu and its relation with Naruto and his pops
  207. Mangekyou Sharingan
  208. Namikaze Minato DEFEATED Uchiha Madara
  209. Itachi, Aka' at 11?
  210. Oro possibly turning himself in?
  211. Kabuto Is A Traitor
  212. tobi is not obito
  213. Hinatas power
  214. Relations
  215. Amaterasu
  216. The Uchiha & Hyuga power theory
  217. Predictions: Itachi is in fact a double agent...
  218. Ultimate Paen Theory
  219. Sasukes MS
  220. Theory squashing begins. Part 1
  221. 4th forced to be Hokage
  222. new theory on a madara/obito connection
  223. Hidden leaf in even more danger -_-
  224. ^^Naruto may already know a new technique.....bout time!^^
  225. my theorie on sasuke and killer bee fight
  226. another biju theory
  227. Mangekyo Sharingan:- a new theory
  228. What if a bijuu..........
  229. Mangekyo Sharingan basic ability
  230. Is Hidan coming back
  231. crazy theory about After Shippuden
  232. REVELATION: The Mystery Behind Namikaze Minato's Death
  233. What kind of power did naruto receive from itachi? Anybody who has an idea?
  234. The Snake, the Hawk, the crow, and the fox
  235. The White Fang
  236. Why Naruto Is The Perfect Hero
  237. Madara's Sharingan/Sasuke's "New Power"
  238. just a thought
  239. Sasuke's opinion?
  240. will sasuke emerge victorious or will he fail? you be the judge
  241. THE KEY: Naruto WILL Learn How to Recompose the Kyuubi's Yin and Yang Chakra
  242. Naruto will NOT use the Nine-Tailed Fox's Power
  243. THe Final Battles
  244. How EXACTLY Did Yondaime Seal the Kyuubi ?
  245. The Truth About The Uchiha Conspiracy!
  246. What the Hell happend Hyuga clan
  247. sauske going blind?
  248. Weaknesses of the Sharingan/EMS is not "Eternal"
  249. How did the Hyuuga attain Nobility (shedding light on the "concealed" clan)
  250. How did the Clans and Villages form?